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    Giveaway TRL Titanium saw cut rings.

    are you willing to ship to the US? if so PM me and ill get back to you as soon as i can. im on almost every day
  2. Khollin


    a hammer is going to do more damage to you than a knife and youre going to move slower in this heavy mail. maybe just invest in a leather jacket?
  3. Khollin

    round scales

    has anyone found a creative use for roundscale? im thinking of making a bag of some sort with the steel roundscales, sound reasonable?
  4. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    So I recently recieved my 22g and 24g sawcut titanium rings and weaved a bit of dragonscale, ive noticed the 22g is cut at a weird angle, its (//) instead of (||) my 24g titanium is cut (||) how it is supposed to be, the angle of the cut (on the 22g) is rather extreme and closing properly leaves a sharp point and a more oval shaped ring as there is (relatively) quite a bit of the ring missing. im making a dragonscale ring and having sharp points is going to ruin the smooth feeling, im honestly quite dissappointed as this was my first purchase from TRL is there anyone else who has experienced this? ill add pictures tommorow as its quite late tonight and just to throw this in they look nothing at all like the saw cut picture ):
  5. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    Let me know how you expect to be able to "mush" titanium lol (; I know what you mean. Ugh all of them are like that. This really sucks...
  6. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    Yes its the 22g 1/8in. I know how to close a ring but these are one step below awful
  7. Khollin

    Hello New to Chainmail

    i started a thread about how i started mailing, making my own rings and such. maybe you should check it out (: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11173-khollins-misc-chainmail/
  8. Khollin


    what gauge is that if i may ask?
  9. just ordered some small galvy scales, might make a vambrce or dice bag with them, also ordered 24g and 22g titanium rings for a dragonscale micromail ring, and 22g stainless for another dragonscale MM ring for whoever I think wont lose it (: i cant wait for my order to arrive but it might be up to 3 weeks, oh well ill work on my other various projects before then. oh and this is my first order too

  10. Khollin

    Elf sheet bracelet with rubber rings?

    The way I understand it, any closed rings can be substituted for rubber rings. Assuming you make a bunch of closed rings and weave them with open rings, simply use rubber rings in place of closed rings
  11. Khollin

    AA - is it supposed to be so fragile?

    medical tape works good for me.
  12. Khollin

    Square wire

    the weird look. thats whats im aiming for (:
  13. Khollin

    Square wire

    has anyone noticed any quirks about the square wire rings? i havent used them and i have an idea about using them as the small rings in dragonscale. i was wondering if anyone has used them to make a sheet or bracelet, or mixed them with round rings like im going to try as soon as i decide what i want trl to include in my bag of plunder any pictures of projects with square rings you would like to add would be greatly appreciated. thanks all . . .
  14. Khollin

    Square wire

    makes sense, are you able to correct the twist to get the ends flush with eachother?
  15. Khollin

    More of my work

    how much does the dragonscale bracelet stretch? is there any way you could measure it open and closed, and provide me with the size of the rings used? that looks awesome (:
  16. Khollin

    Hauberk Armpit and Neck Advice Needed

    it helps if you fill in the corners of the square head hole. instead of this [ ] do this < > large enough to fit your head in still. the reason youre losing rings is at the corners, all of the weight from the sides is pulling on the ring that only has "3 in 1". ive used rings with a large AR (relative to the weave) in similar clothing applications and have fixed it that way every time. works great for me, and youll notice it lays better your chest for support.
  17. ive been looking at making a necklace for my special someone and i want it to last. The "extreme details" on trl says titanium colors will get dull from skin oils, does anyone have experience with this or can tell me how long this takes/ how bad it gets. i know you can wash it off with soap and water and the color restores but is it 100% of the color or will it get progressively duller? i have the same questions about niobium. now about the weaves, i dont really like byzantine so i wont use that. i want the necklace to flow but still keep its shape. i was thinking boxmail or roundmail. if i get the rings 22 or 24g will it look too.. skinny? insubstantial? boxmail might be too stiff, and roundmail might not look right. im not sure what to do. i know for sure ill get some AA rings and make a anklet or something. what i want to do when i know for sure how the titanium/niobium will react is to make a ring. micromail ive heard it called. i know she'll love the ring but hey, one thing at a time right? (; any thoughts?
  18. Khollin

    titanium/niobium jewellery? any experience?

    Thanks for the help, full persian it is (: ive always liked it, but never had the right AR for it. bikepartjewllery, thanks for checking on that, it will be very helpful (: katlee, thanks for the specs, now i know exactly what size to buy (:
  19. Khollin

    Where do I start?

    i started a thread a while back on how i first started, about my first few projects, and how make my own rings, if you want to experiment with that as well. i think you can click on my picture and find it on my profile page, or you can search the forums for my name. if youre interested that is.
  20. Khollin

    dragonscale bracelet1

    this looks beutiful (: ive used silver and gold colored copper once, the color rubbed off for me, i hope yours doesnt do the same.
  21. Khollin

    Khollins misc. chainmail

    so im new here to the forums but certainly not to chainmail. the first thing i made was a shirt out of 17g galvy with an AR way high. my rings were an inch wide, so way too high. i hand wound rings on a pipe, and cut them by hand. ruined my best pair of cutters when i was all done lol. unfourtunately my shirt was ruined the first time i wore it, the rings were too weak to support its own weight and rings pulled loose or the ends slipped over eachother and created holes. my next project was about 6 months later after considerable disappointment with my shirt. i made a dice bag using euro 4 in 1 using the same 17g galvy, this time wound on a 3/16 steel rod using a drill. i used a metal grinder to square one end of the rod so it would fit in my electric drill, and when winding i put the end of the wire "into" the drill in the space between where the drills hands grip the rod. there was no damage and i still do it this way. ive never had a problem. anyway the bag was for dice and was about the size of a grapefruit, with a leather drawstrap. the leather was actually bootlaces from walmart. it was 2.50 for 72 inches so not at all expensive. my next project was a bracer made of the same 17g galvy on a 1/4in rod. it was a euro 6 in 1, a little over a square foot of chainmail total. i laced it with leather and it wore well except for its tremendous weight. i let one of my friends wear it and he wasnt one of the.. um.. good kids. he had it on and another of his friends opened a pair of scissors and tried to punch thru my maille. left my friend with a way nasty bruise under the chainmail but didnt damage my bracer at all. i was proud needless to say. i made another bag, same material and ring size, but large enough to fit a waterbottle in, with a leather drawstrap. the weave was euro 4 in 1 this time. so far all i had ever used was steel and was being limited by weight, so at the same store i bought my steel (tractor supply) i bought 17g aluminum wire. i made another bag for my dice. it was 3/16 17g aluminum. It still has my dice in it. hasnt scratched them at all like i was afraid the steel would do especially after where i cut them started to rust a bit. now finally after stopping for a good 9 months due to lack of time etc etc, ive started on a euro 6 in 1 shirt/vest of 17g aluminum 1/4 in. ive completed the front, wide enough to get to where i want the straps at. ive attached the straps and have the front (only wide enough to connect to the straps) and i have 3/4 of the back (only counting wide enough to reach the straps) done. im excited to fill in the sides and maybe wear it out someplace (: Anyway thats all about my chainmail projects but more about how i got started for the people who dont have money to buy rings, or who are looking for a more authentic way to make your chainmail, or for those people who has graced me enough to actually read this entire post so far (:. when i started i hand wound my rings on that inch pipe. it was hard work, and killed my hands. i had to turn the pipe 4 times for 1 ring, and each ring the springback made it harder to turn. it was terribly difficult but i still did it. im still proud of my first shirt even though it wasnt anywhere near wearable. when i wanted to start another project i wanted to make sure it worked out as well as i wanted it too. i spent a month looking at chainmaille supplies and realized it was way expensive to order rings, i wanted armor and armor = weight, which is bad for shipping costs. i thought a while and decided to make my own rings. i purchased steel rods from a local hardware store. they come in every size you need to start, and with plenty of extra length. they come in 4 foot lenghts. i cut my rods in 3 pieces so i have extra is one warps or breaks, which so far has never happened, i gave a set to my buddy who now dabbles in chainmail, so share if you can (: the rods are around 3 dollars so easily affordable. i used our metal grinder to cut them off in lengths, you could also use a dremmel if you wanted. i ground down one of the ends so it had flat sides my drill could eaisly grip. on some of my rods i drilled a hole into to hold the wire for it to begin the coil, but it weakened the rod and caused it to bend, so i broke it where it bent at the hole, and put the wire into the drill where it held the rod as previously described and ive done that ever since. i tried cutting the coils into rings with many types of cutters. i used a dremmel, but it removed too much material and the closed rings were oval-ish. avaition snips ruined the rings completely. wirecutters worked, but they were hard to use and were oversized for the wire i was cutting and left the edges looking like this ><. And then i found them! a tool called nippers. they look like toenail clippers, if youve ever seen a pair of nippers you know what i mean. anyway the worked great and im still using them. a little bit of wear when cutting steel but for aluminum there is nothing better. the part that cuts the ring looks like this >< only vertical, yet if you angle them when you cut the rings the result is a cut looking like this //.fantastic tool for anyone who cuts their own rings. ive used the same old rusty pair to cut over 7k rings+ now and still perfect cuts. when working with steel rings i used needlenose pliers with a textured inside to grip better. flat pliers will not grip steel well, and the amount of force youre using to bend the steel WILL make your pliers slip if they are not textured. i use jewellery pliers for my aluminum rings. they were $7 a pair i believe. well worth the 14$ for them both. they have a little mechanism behind the head its 2 pieces of metal that fit together and pus a bit to spring them back open when you release them. they were way strong at first but i bent them and made them exert less pressure so my hands tired less when holding them. Anyone who reads this i hope you can learn from what ive done. the last section kindof turned into my supplies, but i want to point out that i bought all of that for under $50, including the wire, 1/4 mile of steel was 18 dollars, and 1/4 mile of aluminum was 23, but if that seems expensive i have only gone through 1 spool of steel (about 1/4 thru my second spool) and i have about 1/4 spool left of my aluminum. if anything i contributed helped out in someway i urge you to comment (: feel free to ask any questions, voice any opinion, whatever its all good best of luck to everyone out there, ill add pictures of my projects when i can, more than likely in the next few days.
  22. Khollin

    Khollins misc. chainmail

    Honestly the only corrosion I've had on my galvy is where I've cut the rings. All there is is alittle bit of orange rust where they're closed. Not at all bad looking though
  23. Khollin

    Pre-closed Rings

    no but really taking it to billionths of a cent :/
  24. Khollin

    Lady Loki Cosplay in process

    quick question are those the small scales or the large scales?
  25. Khollin

    Pre-closed Rings

    can there please just be one post with numbers that no one takes to the insane math level? lol