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  1. Khollin

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    even on here you get the occasional egotistical ignorant person who comments. it happens :/
  2. Khollin

    New to chainmail. Any help is appreciated

    print out the sheet on the ring lords website that shows the AR of rings and put your rings on the paper to find what AR they have, then find a weave with that AR. 4 in 1 will work with anything really. once you have the pattern down you can make a bag eaisily by learning contractions and expansions, or just make a tubular bag if making a round one is too complicated. either way youll need to use a bit of math. when i made my first bag i forget what the lenghts of chain were but to make it expand you need a 3:2 ratio of rings from the chain youre working on to the chain you connect it to, to contract its the opposite, 2:3. if that doesnt make sense once you understand euro 4in1 expansions and contractions it will click (:
  3. just started working with 14g aluminum (:

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Yay! I love working with it!

  4. Khollin

    do i need a tumbler?

    thanks everyone (: very helpful
  5. Khollin

    do i need a tumbler?

    i was planning on making a few nice pieces of mail jewelery. ive made silver before but i want to try brass and stainless steel. ive heard saw cut rings have burring on them, and i havent ordered any from the ringlord before. if i do, do i need a tumbler? ive heard they offer a tumbling service, however im not sure of the price.
  6. Khollin

    Khollins large Bag

    17g 1/4 in galvy euro 4 in 1, mixed with 17g 3/16 rings as well. like this 1/4 ((((((( 3/16 ))))))) 1/4 (((((((
  7. Khollin

    Khollins misc. chainmail

    Galvy worked well for me. i havent had much corrosion on mine
  8. Khollin

    Khollin Bag 2

    17g 1/4in galvy
  9. Khollin

    Khollin Bag 1

    17g 1/4in galvy
  10. Khollin

    Khollins misc. chainmail

    i know what youre talking about. no need to explain, im new to the forums, not to chainmail lol. it was all i had at the time, and i didnt have the money to go out and get the aluminum. im thinking of ordering some black edpm rings to help fill the sides of my shirt to give it a little stretch and help it fit a bit more comfortably instead of hanging off me. im not saying tight, just enough to let it have some give when im putting it on
  11. Khollin

    Full persian bracelet

    looks great. i havent played much with colored rings yet, mostly i make my own rings. i like how the colors are less of a color and more of a tint, if that makes sense. sometimes colors tend to be the focus of a piece, rather than the piece itsself, not so with this. It looks great!
  12. Khollin

    Khollins misc. chainmail

    thanks toast. yes ive seen jigs used to wind wire, i never thought of using one. i can wind 5k+ rings in minutes using my method, if it works dont fix it right (;. yeah my friend isnt the smartest, i didnt realize it happened till it was too late. i was by no means testing it. ive also made short lengths of many weaves. dragonscale, full and half persion, some japanese to name a few. im fairly proficient, i guess i felt like typing last night. cheers (: