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  1. So I recently recieved my 22g and 24g sawcut titanium rings and weaved a bit of dragonscale, ive noticed the 22g is cut at a weird angle, its (//) instead of (||)

    my 24g titanium is cut (||) how it is supposed to be, the angle of the cut (on the 22g) is rather extreme and closing properly leaves a sharp point and a more oval shaped ring as there is (relatively) quite a bit of the ring missing. im making a dragonscale ring and having sharp points is going to ruin the smooth feeling, im honestly quite dissappointed as this was my first purchase from TRL :hope:

    is there anyone else who has experienced this? ill add pictures tommorow as its quite late tonight

    and just to throw this in they look nothing at all like the saw cut picture ):

  2. has anyone noticed any quirks about the square wire rings? i havent used them and i have an idea about using them as the small rings in dragonscale. i was wondering if anyone has used them to make a sheet or bracelet, or mixed them with round rings like im going to try as soon as i decide what i want trl to include in my bag of plunder :chris: any pictures of projects with square rings you would like to add would be greatly appreciated. thanks all :dj:

    :2guns: . . . :sofa:

  3. it helps if you fill in the corners of the square head hole. instead of this [ ] do this < > large enough to fit your head in still. the reason youre losing rings is at the corners, all of the weight from the sides is pulling on the ring that only has "3 in 1". ive used rings with a large AR (relative to the weave) in similar clothing applications and have fixed it that way every time. works great for me, and youll notice it lays better your chest for support.

  4. ive been looking at making a necklace for my special someone and i want it to last. The "extreme details" on trl says titanium colors will get dull from skin oils, does anyone have experience with this or can tell me how long this takes/ how bad it gets. i know you can wash it off with soap and water and the color restores but is it 100% of the color or will it get progressively duller? i have the same questions about niobium.

    now about the weaves, i dont really like byzantine so i wont use that. i want the necklace to flow but still keep its shape. i was thinking boxmail or roundmail. if i get the rings 22 or 24g will it look too.. skinny? insubstantial? boxmail might be too stiff, and roundmail might not look right. im not sure what to do.

    i know for sure ill get some AA rings and make a anklet or something. what i want to do when i know for sure how the titanium/niobium will react is to make a ring. micromail ive heard it called. i know she'll love the ring but hey, one thing at a time right? (;

    any thoughts?

  5. i started a thread a while back on how i first started, about my first few projects, and how make my own rings, if you want to experiment with that as well. i think you can click on my picture and find it on my profile page, or you can search the forums for my name. if youre interested that is.

  6. print out the sheet on the ring lords website that shows the AR of rings and put your rings on the paper to find what AR they have, then find a weave with that AR. 4 in 1 will work with anything really. once you have the pattern down you can make a bag eaisily by learning contractions and expansions, or just make a tubular bag if making a round one is too complicated. either way youll need to use a bit of math. when i made my first bag i forget what the lenghts of chain were but to make it expand you need a 3:2 ratio of rings from the chain youre working on to the chain you connect it to, to contract its the opposite, 2:3. if that doesnt make sense once you understand euro 4in1 expansions and contractions it will click (:

  7. i was planning on making a few nice pieces of mail jewelery. ive made silver before but i want to try brass and stainless steel. ive heard saw cut rings have burring on them, and i havent ordered any from the ringlord before. if i do, do i need a tumbler? ive heard they offer a tumbling service, however im not sure of the price.