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  1. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    No worries, as foolish as I may feel from time to time. I completely agree, the only stupid question is the one unasked.
  2. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    oh. ribbon strap, that's what I get for over thinking. Lol, sry.
  3. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    Is that similar to those jerks that snapped bra's back in middle school?
  4. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    OK, ok. I'm new to the lingo here, and the style references that you folks use. At the risk of sounding dumb, what's a ribbon strap? I was thinking of using smaller byzantine chain as the back strap. But I like the idea of using proper shoulder straps for the larger busted women, if it works for normal bra's why not this too, eh?
  5. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    I already put together a E6-1 neck strap, I was wondering what to do for the back strap and clasp though. Any suggestions? and clasp placement? I was informed by my wife that she's a triple-D >.<
  6. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    Cool, thanks for the info. I've never heard of an M-bikini before, yet I'm not hip to women's fashion stuff. I've been debating with myself on buying the TRL pattern. Good to know that it might work better than the standard double-triangle. thanks again!
  7. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    Another thing, I saw a coif style cup design. I was thinking that, that might be the style I wanted to use instead of a triangle base. My wife wear's a 38DD, but refuses to buy an F size. So, in-order to maintain the sexy look but keeping her parts covered maybe I could try that?
  8. Grassnickle

    Trouble with a Bikini Top

    Cool design Calisandra. I'm glad I found this thread, I've been struggling for a while now working out a fit/pattern for my wife. The styles that I found googling at least gave me ideas on how to approach a bikini. My particular issue is that my wife is well endowed, and I want to make sure that the finished piece is comfortable. Has anyone thought or done any counter-balancing on the back to offset the front weight? My wife has enough back problems as it is, and I don't want to add more weight to an already weighty bosom. I was thinking of some simple E8-2 attached to the neck strap, and maybe incorporate that into the back strap.
  9. Grassnickle

    I need a bit of Help

    I refer to the gauge chart every time I order. It's great.
  10. Grassnickle


    I have to say thanks to all the folks that help in getting orders together and shipped. I have no clue the exact amount I've spent ordering from you guys, but I know it's at least 400 bucks. And every order is exactly what purchased, for more than 2 years. (This is my first time on your forums) Well done all, keep up the excellence!