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  1. I picked up one of the candle skirt kits with one of my orders and I finally decided to open it all up and put one together. But I'm running into a problem where the rings I got apparently don't work for making a helm chain, which is the whole base of the project. It came with 19g 1/4" & 19g 3/16", but the 3/16" doesn't fit easily inside the 1/4". It either forces the 1/4" ring's ends apart when I try to fit it around the 3/16" or it makes the weave curve because the 3/16" has to sit alongside the inner diameter of the 1/4". I'm not sure if that makes sense, but essentially I can't make a helm weave that lays flat with the rings I got. It makes a curved chain instead, which doesn't look at all like the pictures in the instructions. I can see about trying to get a picture taken if that makes it easier to understand my question. Did anyone else come across this problem? Is it supposed to be made with the base chain automatically curving? Or am I doing something wrong with the weave? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Shadowfall

    Tight double layer flowers?

    Oooh. Nice. I'll have to try the larger size. Though I tried a different order of assembly and it was a bit easier. So I might not need to. We'll see. Thanks!
  3. Shadowfall

    Tight double layer flowers?

    I just made my first scale flower (yay for branching out from 4-in1 weave), but I have a hard time believing that it's this difficult to assemble so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong? The kit I'm using is the tigerlily double layer kit (and the poinsettia kit but I haven't touched that yet) and I put it together by going off the basic scale video tutorial, plus the stock picture. I guess I should've bought the instructions too, but I figured I could figure it out myself. It was super easy all the way up to the end where I have to take the little 19g 5/32 rings and link the two larger 16g 3/8 together between each scale. The first one was fine, the second and third ones manageable, but the last two were such a pain to do. I had to force the little rings around the larger rings, and even then I couldn't close them all the way. Should this weave really get that tight at the end? Or am I doing something wrong? I figured the little black rings at the center were just accents so I just looped it around the top large ring at the centers since there was no way I'd be able to hook it around more than just that.
  4. Shadowfall

    Random rings in Mixed bag?

    So I bought a bag of mixed AA 14g 3/8 machine cut to use in some small projects because individual bags of one color would be too much. I expected it to just be a mix of the colors normally available for the AA 14g 3/8 machine cut rings, so I figured that I'd have a fairly decent pile of each color. But when I dumped it out and sorted it, I got a really weird mix of colors, including only a single/few rings of a color. There's a few really shiny rings (that sound like plastic to be honest), some frosted rings, some weird color variations (pink & dark pink). They're all machine cut, so I know I didn't get a saw cut bag by accident. I don't really mind the bigger mix of colors, but it's also really annoying since now I only have enough of one or two colors for my projects, instead of the 5 or 6 I had expected. If I knew I was going to get all these weird colors, I'd've bought a second bag at least, or not gotten it at all. You really need to have a different picture and/or put a note on that listing saying that what you're getting is going to be a mix of whatever you have in that gauge/size and not necessarily just a mix of the normally available colors shown on that listing. I also attached a picture because maybe someone will be able to identify the frosted blue-ish rings top row, third from the left; and the top row all the way to the right? Because I'd love to be able to order more of those because I love how they look.
  5. Shadowfall

    Scalemail flower kits?

    Well, it says approx 20 scale flowers. So I'd assume that you're getting 18 - 20 flowers worth of scales. But that really wasn't what I was asking. I was wondering if the amount of scales & rings in the kits are equal to if I were to just order the parts separately. So would a bag each of lg & sm scales and one each of the 400/500/200 count bags of diff sized rings you need be what I get if I ordered the kits? Or do the kits come with less rings?
  6. Shadowfall

    Scalemail flower kits?

    I was planning on buying one or two of the scalemail double flower kits, but I was wondering something. So I get enough for 20 flowers + extra rings apparently in each kit. If I were to instead get the scales & rings separately, would I be getting the same amount? More? Less? I'm mostly wondering because I was considering getting different colors. But if I'm saving money just getting the kits, I'll do that instead. Thanks!
  7. Shadowfall

    Celtic Visions Star?

    Doesn't work. I actually had some 18g 1/4" rings lying around 'cause I'd misordered them a long time ago. Just tried one on the ends and it's too big of a ring and too thin of wire. But thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Shadowfall

    Celtic Visions Star?

    So I pretty regularly make the Celtic Visions weave for bracelets and that sort of thing. I use 14g 3/8" for the larger rings and 16g 1/4" for the smaller. My question is what size ring should I use for the little rings I've seen people putting on the vertical/smaller rings? Basically the little rings at the ends of the bottom and side points (example of weave - Credit to Chainmailbill for pic), not the one at the very top. I know the answer is probably going to be so simple, but I've had a heck of a time figuring it out and I'm horrible at trying to convert one ring size into another. Thanks for the help.
  9. Shadowfall

    Scalemaille Corset

    Does this tie easily into knots? And do the knots stay or fall out? I'm not too worried about the top edge damaging the fabric of the corset since I'm making it out of duck cloth, or a canvas that's very similar at least. Can't remember exactly. So yeah, the thread I'm going to be using is definitely going to be the point I'd worry about it failing.
  10. Shadowfall

    Scalemaille Corset

    I need some advice on making some scalemaille. I'm making a fabric corset that I'm planning on covering with scalemaille for a costume I'm wearing in April. Originally I was going to make the scalemaille and then sew the whole thing onto the fabric corset. But then I was worrying about how to sew the maille onto the corset securely enough so there's no loose/sagging places. Then recently, it occurred to me that I could just sew the scales directly onto the fabric. It would save a little weight from the rings, which to be honest while wearing it I doubt I'd notice, but it'd also save me the cost of the rings itself. And with everything else I need to get still for the rest of the costume, every penny is gonna count. Lol. Essentially, I'm wondering if anyone else here has done something like sewing the scales right to fabric instead of weaving cloth itself? And if anyone here has done this, what kind of thread should I be using? Since I'm afraid the punched edges of the scales might possibly saw through the thread with much movement. Any advice is welcome and encouraged. Thanks!
  11. Shadowfall

    Scalemail half shirt help

    So I'm not a newbie to chainmail, but I'm a relative newbie to scalemail. The most I've done are small scale (no pun intended) projects like dice bags with TRL's smaller scales a few years ago, but I've never worked with the larger scales on a, well, larger scale. XD; I'm planning on covering a Ren Faire style bodice with scales for a costume in April and while talking it over with a friend, led me to my current dilemma. This friend of mine wants to commission me to make them what's essentially going to be a square of scalemail on the back, connected at the shoulders to another sheet of scalemail on the chest, with short sections of scales covering the shoulders/part of the upper arms. It's going to be open at the sides and essentially only covering the upper part of the chest from the diaphragm up. The measurements are the following - for the back sheet: 14in across x 15 1/2in long ; the front sheet: 15in across and 15 1/2in long. These are pretty much set though I might have to add or subtract an inch from that width depending on how it will all fit. We hashed out what we think we're going to need in flat materials, but I wanted to ask anyone here with more experience with making larger projects for (quite a bit) of advice/help. 1 - We've estimated we'll need about 1000 scales for the whole thing, though I'm going to be ordering an extra bag to cover us if we do fall short at 10. But I'm wondering if we're still off in calculations? Looking around here at other people's scalemail shirts and whatnot, it almost seems that our calculations are way off. And yes, I used the Scale Shirt Calculator that's on the RL's site, but since I'm not making a full shirt, only a half sort of capelet/mantle thing with open sides, I'm not sure if the numbers that I'm getting are correct with the strange numbers I'd put in. 2 - She wants a close fitted/curved neckline on the front, so would I just be able to make a straight edged sheet and then pull the edges up so it's curved/fitted, then connect to the back sheet? Or will there be issues with the way the scales would lay anywhere in the shirt or be uneven at the bottom edge? Not to mention issues with being able to pull it over her head once I get everything finished. I'm trying to convince her to go with this sort of neckline, but with the neck's bottom edge width shortened considerably so that it's more fitted. But if she doesn't agree, I'm wondering if I could somehow add a reduced row or two of scales at the area of the neck on the front and back, then thread a cord or something through the top edge to let it be pulled to fit. Or would that not work at all either? 3 - Time estimate? - I'm not really sure how long this is going to take me to make. Like I said, I haven't worked in scalemail in a long time, so I'm pretty sure it'll be slow going at the beginning. But once I've gotten used to it again, it should be fairly quick. Pretty much I was wondering how long it might take on adverage for someone with moderate experience to complete a project like this? I was estimating maybe 12 hours a sheet, plus another hour/hour and a half for the shoulders. But that seems both excessive (from looking at smaller projects here) and insufficient (from looking at larger projects here) at the same time. I don't want to order any larger scales to practice on and get a general time frame since small orders are really not worth it in terms of shipping. But I'm not sure how to estimate time spent if I was working with the smaller scales I do have on hand to practice with. I'm guessing take the time it took me to weave x inches of small scalemail, then divide that time in half? Thanks for any and all help that's given.