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  1. aligoth

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Sorry, seems I grabbed the wrong tag, meant SXSS18316 And I'm case that's wrong too lol saw cut stainless 18g 3/16 thanks in advance
  2. aligoth

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    any idea when the SXSS18964 is going to be back in stock?
  3. aligoth

    starting out

    find a good comfortable pair of pliers....I had some cheap craft store ones when I started out and after about an hour I noticed my hands would really start to hurt and they would hurt the rest of the day....I decided to get a good pair of swanstrom pliers with longer more ergonomic handles and shorter jaws and was amazed at the difference. My hands no longer hurt and I have a whole lot more control and power when working with the rings now. Now i'm not saying you have to buy expensive pliers, i'm just saying find something that works well for you and is comfortable...don't settle for something that's just alright some of the time.
  4. aligoth

    Had to make some, just a little, Byzantine!

    lol well I am beyond impressed....well done sir...well done.
  5. aligoth

    Had to make some, just a little, Byzantine!

    O.o that's insane...and so many questions come to mind... What on earth is all that a custom order for? how long did it take you to do all that? do you have an army of tiny Chinese workers weaving their fingers off making all that? ZOMG look at that pile of chain! it's....glorious.... how long have you been doing maille for? how the hell do you get orders like that!? do you mind if I ask how much the ring order cost you? I could go do the math, but if you have the number right handy that would be easier do you usually do massive custom orders like this? ZOMG! i'm jealous
  6. aligoth

    Can anyone help me plz?

    awwww, that sucks
  7. aligoth

    how do you do it?

    lol it's not that bad, I mean it's not like i'm weaving with boat anchor chains, it's just AA :-) although there's an idea....a byzantine boat anchor chain or something....wouldn't that look sexy on like some big cruise boat?
  8. aligoth

    Can anyone help me plz?

    not to pull this away from the guesstimates...but I like that clasp! O.o anyone seen a clasp like that before?
  9. aligoth

    Finishing scale halter, need help with details

    that piece is beautiful and your model is gorgeous! I wish I had skills like that...not only to be that good with scales, but to find someone that beautiful to wear it for me lol. -runs off to look for scale maille tutorials and place an order-
  10. aligoth

    bracelet sizes?

    you could always just make the bracelet close, and then add some length of one in one with a lobster clasp so they can adjust the size a little bit...you also have to take into account what sort of clasp you use though, a toggle clasp will need a little extra length vs a lobster or slide clasp
  11. aligoth

    Nickel Free Materials

    lol well there you have it...I can't believe I didn't see those >.< I guess I tend to get a little tunnel visioned when shopping though....go look for what I need at the time and look at nothing else. Should of known TRL has just about everything a man could want :-)
  12. aligoth

    Medic Alert Replacement band

    I have also had a few friends come and ask for these, perhaps there is a market for it...
  13. aligoth

    how do you do it?

    I tend to drop my HP3-1 chains a lot(especially when they get longer), so my girlfriend suggested I get a lanyard and work with it attached to that...ever since I started doing that, I haven't had any problems...well, at least when I drop it, it's still right there...rather than having to get up and pick it up off the floor.
  14. aligoth

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    When you price your things on etsy, do you price them competitively compared to the other store fronts, or do you primarily just put it at whatever you feel is fair?
  15. aligoth

    Ren Faire Bear

    that's pretty impressive, any idea of about how long he took to put together?