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  1. Carolides


    CIR (Rubber tube 4mm with titanium wire 2mm used as captive) Titanium 0.9mm WD, 5mm ID rings Tag in SS925 End tubes in SS925.
  2. Carolides

    Calluses no more :-)

    Sanded it to fit nicely. The hardness is comparable to bakelite or walnut wood. Try to mold it as close as possible to the final result. Sanding it is not trivial.:-) BR C
  3. Carolides

    Calluses no more :-)

    Was watching a friend molding teeth protectors for martial artists. Eureka! Bought cernite modeling clay. Applied to the tong (righthanded on pic) squeezed it to my hand. Will bake it for 30 mins. It results into hardened version. Can be improved to use the clay as mold master and make in other materials. Fits like a glove. Br C
  4. Carolides

    Making a Titanium Toggle Clasp

    Hi, To my knowledge TRL sells grade 1 rings. Check with Bernice if they sell wire too. BR C
  5. Carolides

    Making a Titanium Toggle Clasp

    geogecko wrote: So you're referring to the wrapped clasp (Armored Drake tutorial), correct? You are recommending the main titanium wire be no less than 2mm, and the wrapping it with a smaller gauge niobium (1.2mm, perhaps) wire? No im refering to the simple toggle clasp. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/5926-byzantine-variation/ Using titanium i would go in the beginning with lorenzos design in this post. Simple and above all very good looking. Going for armored drakes you should try your setup first using copper. No need to waste titanium. Wasted alot of time before creating one i was pleased with. As lorenzo mentioned go for grade 1 or grade 2. Forget grade 5. Too springy. BR C P.S. The S clasps in the previous posts are no harder than a normal S-clasp to do. Takes much time to smooth the surface as the only drawback.
  6. Carolides

    The old scale guide has been updated...finally.

    Very nice. The only remark is and it is a personal preference. White background instead of light blue BR C
  7. Carolides

    Making a Titanium Toggle Clasp

    It took me 5 mins to do this clasp and to be honest it is my favorite one. Simple, durable and easy to produce. Minimum wire gauge i recommend is 2.0mm (14AWG ?)
  8. Carolides

    Making a Titanium Toggle Clasp

    I used armored drakes guide to do the clasp. I nowadays make mostly S clasps unpropotionally large. They serve as a part of the whole picture. Top: Silver, 2.5 mm wire. Length 6cm. Bottom: Titanium grade 1, 3.0mm wire. Length 4cm Since i have posted i add some data: Small chain made from 1.2mm titanium g1 and silver with an AR of 3.5. End links 2.5mm silver 13mm ID Large chain made from 1.6mm titanium g1 6.25 mm ID. End links 3mm titanium g1, 13mm ID BR C Edit: The Sclasp have the wire flattened on an anvil then leveled using a file then 400,800,1000,1200 wet sandpaper. finally polished using walnut with abrasive paste.
  9. Carolides

    Kingdom of Heaven

    Hi, I saw the movie. The E4-1 seems to be made with 2mm wire and low AR. Perhaps an AR of 4.5. Otherwise the saracen armor was gorgeous. BR C
  10. Carolides

    Kingdom of Heaven

    Feel compelled to see the movie. BR C
  11. Carolides

    Making a Titanium Toggle Clasp

    Hi, Have made plenty of toggle clasps. Titanium i have used 1.2, 0.9 and 0.8. (millimeter) I strongly recommend the 0.8. 0.1 mm difference from 0.9 is huge when winding the wire. Used grade 1. Even though it's springy you can live with it. BR C
  12. Carolides

    Made for fiance

    10x3 cm 1mm thick Sterling plate. Beveled (thanx Selppin for tip). Reused silver chain. No clasping mechanism. Will be attached on wrist with jump rings. No point having one if you can remove it Considering making one for me. Nicotine & Caffeine Dependant. BR C
  13. Carolides

    The new Tronex Pliers

    My fiance has not the skills of your husband so i "loose" and find my pliers after i buy new ones
  14. Carolides

    Help identifying this weave.

    No losthelm, Sterling Silver. Finished sawing proxy rings to make one therapy patch before sleep :-) Br C
  15. Carolides

    Help identifying this weave.

    Hehe, My ADHD hit the roof when i saw all those twisted rings ... i want to repair it now but it is not mine BR C