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I'm a legally blind guy, thus the massive play on words that is my username. I use to be a 3D artist until before I lost majority of my vision, now I'm turning to more tactile crafts. I can still see a little but it isn't very much, even with the strongest correctional lenses I still only have about four feet of usable vision on average (lighting conditions do affect if I have a little more or a little less) so I can still tell what colors I am using where, but I can't get around in everyday life without a white cane and, at times, a bit of assistance.

I go into a number of other crafts, mostly because I'll burn myself out if I stick to only one. I am one of those who needs a varity of things to keep me sane. My other crafts and hobbies include writing, rubber crafts, candle making, varies mold casting crafts, music composition, two instruments (Violin and Piano) and those addicting little perler beads as well as a few other pixel art type things.

I also rather enjoy ren faires and cosplay, have been known to for to a number of festivals, mostly those with creative basis and fantasy settings. I play D&D and am a part of the BDSM community.

Yea, I do a lot for someone who's legally blind, but hey, I gotta keep sane somehow and even though my eyes are lame, my mind is far from slow, hell, my mind never shuts the hell up, I have to move and adapt fast otherwise my own brain will drive me nuts!!