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    Go home ring, you're drunk!

    Was weaving this morning and this happened. First time I've had a ring break on me, was closing it and it just went "Weaveing me in? Ha Ha, NO!" So that's how my day's starting out. Yea I know things like this happen sometimes, no big deal it was just one of those "Wait, what?" moments for me. Any funny stuff ever happen with anyone else while they're doing maille? Ok so maybe this isn't all that funny to most of you who are likely use to such little things but me and one of my girlfriends got a good laugh out of this ring unexpectedly flipping me off and got me wondering what kinds of funny things happens with others.
  2. Blind Maille

    What are your favorite metals?

    It's obvious chain maillers work with, well, metal, but I know everyone has their favored and least favored metals to work with or just to have. I have always found interest in knowing the likes and dislikes of other's and the reasons behind such choices so I am curious what metals others like, or dislike, and why. Personally, I'm a huge fave of titamiun and tungsten. They are strong, sturdy and just have a good feel to them. They don't stain my skin like majortity of metals (believe it or not, even 10k gold has stained my skin before, I think I have one messed up skin chemistry! 24k and I seem to get along fine, 14k, well, I can't wear it everyday but for a little while is alright) and actually survive the rough treatment most of my everyday wear jewelry normally succumbs to. Copper. . .keep that stuff away from me! Handling it for even a few minutes means my friends are wondering why the blazes there's green on my fingers! Green I normally don't notice due to my vision. More than one a friend has said "Come'ere!" and started helping this poor blind bas***d scrub a previously unnoticed stain off his fingers. Niobium, however, has my upmost attention as of late. I would love to know more about it and begin working with it, I don't know why because I've never even handled it before but I've already fallen in love with the metal. Needless to say my next order is going to include some Niobium wire so I can get a good feel for it and HOPEFULLY it and my skin chemistry won't be at odds. So, what about you guys? What metals do you like or dislike and why?
  3. Blind Maille

    Animal Diabetes

    Well as long as he's improving, that's what's important. I hope the future news is nothing but good news ^_^
  4. Blind Maille

    Announcing ~ 50 New Items

    Yay! More stainless doughnuts! I've taken quite a liking to those. They may be simple but they can add such a nice touch to so many things.
  5. Blind Maille

    new to the forum, thought i would show my work.

    OK, the cat claw protectors for the sofa was pretty clever, looks pretty cool too, just imagine that on a nice black leather sofa! Welcome to the forums, you'll soon come to learn that we're a bunch of loose rings sometimes.
  6. Blind Maille

    Horst the Hippopotamus

    You have managed to create a hybridization of leather working, quilting, chain maille and bondage by the looks of this. For some reason it highly amuses me at 5 in the morning.
  7. Blind Maille

    Help with getting into events

    I make a lot of use of this site to find fairs and expos in my area. . .then there's also the invites I get for shows (Which I wasn't expecting but I'm not about to complain) http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/ Just put in your zip code and what you're looking for and it gives you a list complete with the website for the fair if available. Highly, HIGHLY valuable little search tool in my opinion.
  8. Blind Maille

    Two-Tone Green Byz W/Solid Stainless Ring

    One night of insomnia + effective pain meds so I can keep working = this.

    © Neo Rebellion

  9. Blind Maille

    Animal Diabetes

    I'll add a third to that motion. My younger parrot, Lucia, my little sun conure, has allergies to some foods. Most people don't realize that birds can indeed have allergies but they do. With Lucia it's mostly corn products, she can have a little but not much at all. It use to be a lot worse when she was really little but she's grown a little more tolerant, likely due to the fact she keeps stealing corn products from me when I try to eat them. Another thing a lot don't think about is environmental allergies. Again, I have this issue with Lucia (then again the poor girl is a special needs birdy) when it comes to dust and dander. If there's too much of either in the house she will start sneezing her little head off and her nose will start running, a very, VERY bad thing for a parrot due to the angle of their nostrils. Due to that we need air purifiers in the house, non-ionic types since those ionic purifiers aren't healthy for birds to begin with. Be it diet, allergies or even quirks, if you want to give your feathered, furred or scaled family member a good life you have got to pay attention to such things. You brought them into your home, they are totally dependent on you, if they are given and exposed to things that is not healthy for them then the blame falls on you so learn these things and adapt to them, not the other way around. Tupperware Party: I hope your cat's health improves, at least you realized it before it was too late and when there may still be time to reverse some of the damage.
  10. Blind Maille

    For those of you who like to maille in bed...

    See, I only maille while sitting on the bed, and even then I've managed to pass out while mailling >_> Those may be a good idea for me to invest in though, more light on the rings never hurts when you can hardly see to begin with.
  11. Blind Maille

    Byz and solid SS ring necklace

    It was just a simple idea but I love how it actually came out! AA with SS solid rings and clasp w/adjustable clasping chain (What else do you call that?)

    © Neo Rebellion

  12. So, I just got an invite to a large expo at a reduced booth fee because of my chain maille. It's on Oct. 5th. . .injured arm or not I cannot pass this up. I'm going to be hurting like hell while working but it should all be worth it in the end.

  13. So, even with a messed up hand (entrapped ulnar nerve) my crazy self is still mailling. . .it's hurting like hell to do but I'm doing it. Gotta keep the muscles from atrophying somehow. . .

  14. Blind Maille

    Securing your product at fairs

    So, had my first fair Saturday (Which went great) and one of the big things that went through my head before going out was the risk of someone doing a grab and run with any of my product. The display setup I am using is metal mesh so I think I figured out a good way to avoid anyone snatching anything. I used larger 14g aluminum rings to secure the items right to the display. That way nothing was just laying there. People could still touch and inspect the items all they wanted but they weren't going to get those items off without a pair of pliers (Which I did of course bring mine) or without grabbing the whole display which isn't exactly a subtle snatch. I plan to actually secure the displays to the table next time since they'll be more items to watch at the next fair. I just figured this worked a lot better than having the items in cases because it's hard for people to just come up and interact with the product when it's stuck in a case and has to be pulled out before they can even touch it. Even with groups of people flocking around the table, more than we could keep eyes on at some points, we didn't have a single item stolen. All stock and sales are accounted for. I'm sort of curious how others secure their items though. There's always the risk of someone snatching something, especially when your table has a crowd around it and any loss with handmade items can be pretty bad. I know some items can't be secured with the trick I used, such as small hook earrings (Those I kept right next to me on the table so I knew if anyone reached for those things) but there are many ways to secure items to avoid thief. What are some ways you guys keep your items from being snatched? I figure maybe getting this conversation going can also help other people with ideas to keep their products from being stolen.
  15. Blind Maille

    Securing your product at fairs

    I would imagine so Knuut XD
  16. Girlfriend just had surgery today. Fell sick this morning, she went to the ER and only about 4 hours later they had her in surgery for her appendix. Visited her earlier, she seems OK but gonna ave to be careful when she comes home. First few days is critical for proper recovery.

  17. Blind Maille

    Digital credit card processing

    Ah yea, know what ya mean there. Sounds like a stolen card, likely what you suspected as well. Certainly a good reason to be thorough about checking said cards.
  18. Blind Maille

    Securing your product at fairs

    Don't have gold and silver yet here but yea, those are most certainly going to be put in a case and that case will be secured to something big and heavy. Thankfully it seemed people were still able to try on items without them being detached from the displays (they were bracelets) so that worked out. Gonna have to figure out a good method for the necklaces I'm gonna have next round but I'm sure I can figure something out.
  19. Blind Maille

    Digital credit card processing

    That or he was a trans guy. I know I have a big eep moment on my better passing days when people see the legal name on my card which is sadly still female (Not been able to change it yet) and there I am a 6'1" guy standing there and I end up questioned about it. Yeeea, that can be fun to explain on some days XD There's a reason I normally stick to debit when using my card, most people don't ask questions if you know the pin.
  20. Blind Maille

    Family of Owls

    $12 isn't bad at all (Sorry I took so long to reply, been really busy) if they're still available I'll take one of the lil guys.
  21. Blind Maille

    Laser engraver ring

    Wonder if something like a small logo could be engraved on clasps and how much it would cost to do that.
  22. Pretty much recovered from the fair Saturday. Near a week of no sleep and constant mailling paid off but damn I needed some rest after all of it. Welp, time to get back to weaving now for next month's fair.

    1. calisandra


      sounds like you did great, congrats

  23. I'm just hitting about the year mark with mailling but I'm already starting to make some decent side cash with it and about to get dead serious when it comes to turning this into my primary form of income. I've been getting custom orders from people online for a few months now and am starting to do craft fairs with my stuff. My first craft fair was on Saturday and, I'll tell you There was very, very little time for me to work on maille at the fair because people were coming up constantly. I was always selling something or talking potential custom orders with an interested person. I managed I think three smoke breaks in 6 hours, hardly had time to eat because people kept coming to my booth and we felt short handed even with two people working my booth, just wow. If that first fair is any indication of what to expect then I can see a decent income coming from this pretty easily. I'm not too worried about chain mailling becoming work and killing the enjoyment because I also enjoy the business aspect of it. I love selling oddly enough and all the business related organization and procedure that comes with it. So I really do enjoy both aspects of doing this as a job. I'm pretty sure I've found something I would be happy doing for the rest of my life.
  24. Blind Maille

    Digital credit card processing

    Only one issue I could see with the system that stores the card info until you get home is the fact that, if a card gets declined, well, there goes your product without payment.
  25. Blind Maille


    I've noticed it kinda seems to come in waves. . .I'm one of them who keeps vanishing and then returning later. . .need to stop doing that.