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  1. MadDragonChain

    Chainmail in the Rain

    I have some pieces I wore in the sun constantly (being a professional lifeguard for 12 years), and I experienced the color scraping off slowly over time more than fading from sunlight. and to be honest, that "time wore look" is awesome. I know it's from scraping cause I have one piece that is Euro 4-1, and it hardly lost color, but my Full Persian item "aged" significantly. they both spent the same amount of time in the sun (one item held the whistle, the other acted as a sun glass holder.) Funny side note: do not drop your AA items in hydrochloric (muriatic) acid. they never fully recover.......
  2. MadDragonChain

    IS the customer always right?

    I would agree that some kind of agreed write up that something like "Custom works that deviate from standard accepted practices are not covered by any warranty. This includes (but is not limited to) replacement of materials, clasps, hooks, and post production add-ons. All changes to standard forms (at the artist discretion should be discussed at the time of ordering, and the expertise of the artist should be taken with the highest regard. The changes you requested are listed below, as discussed, and those which deviate from the accepted method are noted with a (deviate) marker:" That should cover your butt fairly well. But if you are worried about legal repercussions, the above may not cover you. see a lawyer (if you really want to go there). as for the customer being right, Yes, they are. 99.99% of the time. my exception is structural issues (such as this) that might arise.
  3. MadDragonChain

    Hypoallergenic options

    The issue with Enameled Copper is that even IF the enamel is enough to prevent reaction at the beginning, the enamel comes off, and in my experience, very easily in chainmail situations. this means that at any given point, your friend will react. and if we are talking about a bikini type area, that's not something to mess with. Not worth the prolonged risk of reaction. and it's the worst kind of reaction. You don't know where, you don't know when, but some time in the future, they'll break out with the itchiness of a thousand suns.
  4. MadDragonChain

    Got my rings and OH GOD MY HANDS!

    This works really well... till you are diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at age 28...... So if you have joint issues, go asprin and B12. i have no clue why, but it helps more than anything else. But if no joint issues, the ice helps a ton.
  5. MadDragonChain

    Pink Armor...yes I said Pink Armor

    ... I have some lady friends who are big into breast cancer awareness events.... a pink bikini top or halter top might be a fun idea.......
  6. MadDragonChain

    Copying a weave?

    easy answer is this: weaves and projects cannot have a copyright. the document giving instructions can have a copyright, but it does not extend to the items MADE from the instructions. If you want to read more on the topic, search for knitting copyright. the knitters have had a lot of questions on this, but beware: there are some articles that will try to be copyright maximist who will say "assume everything has a copyright". if you see an article like that, move on to the next for a legitimate answer.
  7. MadDragonChain

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Nah, that's not how it works. You can CHOOSE to push your posts to the top of your followers timeline (aka sponsored). But your time line posts are not something you pay for. I use Payvment, put a sale item once a week or 2, and about 4 days later, I share the post on my personal timeline to my friends and family. That way, I pay nothing unless I choose, my followers get first chance at discounted items, then my friends. I also post events for up coming shows, and make sure people have the ability to ask any questions they have. It's always helpful to allow your followers share in your success, like when you come up with a ew design, or when you have a great show. Etsy is so over crowded, and has so much mock artisans, that it's worse than FB for crafters, IMHO.
  8. MadDragonChain

    Run-ins with "catalog jewelry" sellers

    I actually have found catalog vendors to be most annoying on Facebook. I was friending people who liked my chainmail work from events, and every post was about something they had to buy. They also "join" events just to spam their items on the wall. currently trying to decide if I should mark them as spam, or just unfriend all of them.......
  9. MadDragonChain

    Pricing my products

    First, for those who use Facebook to just showcase their work: Facebook changed their rules, and you can now sell directly from your facebook page. I don't want to say who I use here, as I have said it before, and I don't want to sound like an advertising agent. But if you google facebook shops, there are start up's that let you set up and sell on your page for free, using paypal as your payment app. Now, to the main course...... I LOVE spreadsheets! This means i have formulas and cells for just about all my chainmail. it's not 100% done, as I am working in total cost and how to rate cost of add-ons (like extra roses, ect) BUT, the formula I use for pricing is P=((H*w)+m+O)(1+M) it looks worse than it is price (P) VARIABLES: Minutes worked (H) (since most of my items take minutes, not hours) Materials (m) ( for aluminum pieces, this is usually pennies or fractions of pennies) CONSTANTS: Overhead (O) (I set $2.00) Profit margin (M) so, the (1+M) the 1 represents the cost so far, and M multiplies. if M is 1, you are getting 100% more, 2 is 200% profit, ect Minute wage (w) $0.75 (which is $45/hour) If people are interested in my spreadsheet, I am willing to share, if there is an easy way.....
  10. MadDragonChain

    Ring making

    I have had no luck cutting 16 ga aluminum on the Pepe ring maker.
  11. MadDragonChain

    Looking for a nice coiling jig design

    I like the simplicity of this set up. 2 drilled holes in a piece of wood a table mounted clamp and make sure your wire is on a coil
  12. MadDragonChain

    New to chainmail. Any help is appreciated

    A lot of this has been said, but i'll put in my 2 cents. go for the European weaves then Japanese weaves Box perisan half persian Celtic stars celtic vision the twisting weaves dragonscale work in scales when you can. The best part for me, is playing with gauges and scales. the difference in sizes can completely change how a design hangs. I found a design here recently that I cannot find anyone else who makes them. I thought something like that would have been impossible, but in playing and.... experimenting, You can find a ton of fun, new weaves, designs, and possibilities. Can't wait to see what new things you bring to the table!
  13. MadDragonChain

    Saw Cutting Rings

    Also, as an add on to the saw cutting question. I am having NO luck with the pepe ring maker and 16 ga aluminum. even with the larger saw blade, it just does not work I wish I had saved the money and put it towards a ringinator.
  14. MadDragonChain

    Tips, Tricks and Advice on doing shows?

    This has given me some good ideas. Thanks! I have some photos of my (sadly lacking) new set up. once I get the photos transferred, i'll load them up. I know there are some good ideas in my set up... But it's missing a few things (still not sure what they are though) lol.
  15. MadDragonChain

    Run-ins with "catalog jewelry" sellers

    I have not had any run-ins with catalog jewelry sales people, but Other sales people have been great for me! They seem so impressed, that they would send people over, telling them how cool the stuff was. A good example are the women from Scentsy, a candle, soap, and candle warmer independent sales group. But heaven help the first person who tries to claim my work isn't hand crafted. My one bad experience with catalog jewelry sellers is that they seem to ALWAYS start packing up an hour or more early at events. bugs the hell out of me. I had one who LEFT 2 hours early cause she didn't like her spot where the rest of us were...... just nuts.