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  1. Crenchinibon

    A Few Good Books

    wheel of time series sword of truth books anything by Weis and Hickman
  2. Crenchinibon

    Post your best complete suit

    how comfortable are the boots? I was thinking about getting those myself. also how well do they fit compared to your normal size shoe?
  3. Crenchinibon

    Dragon Helm (Start)

    very cool!! Can you do a side view and a close up?
  4. Crenchinibon

    Scale Vest Pattern.

    looks great!!
  5. Crenchinibon

    Person behind the maille

    This looks like the place to say hello. I think I have found a new home on the internet! I just finished my first scale vest (of which i had no idea what i was doing when i started AT ALL!) in time for the last day of the Minnesota Renfest and it was a huge hit. I am at work now so have no access to pix, but I will get some up soon I promise!