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  1. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Ok, I'm a big ol' non-searcher. Just read the thread lorenzo told me to read a month ago. Thanks, lorenzo. I'll post pics soon.
  2. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Well, I'm super psyched to have welded a few hundred rings. I love the welder and she humms like a champ. Turns out, I want to get a variable autotransformer. It seems that I burn many of my welds. The question I have is about amperage. How many amps does my variac need to be? Obviously, not more than the 20 amp outlet I plug into. Seeing that the price increases greatly from 5 amp to 20, what can I get away with? And, any suggestions on a source (other than eBay)?
  3. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Well, thanks to this post and all your responses, I just ordered my welder! I'll post pics as soon as I can. Thanks again!
  4. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Thank you for the input, affinity. I love getting as much information as I can. In your experience (affinityofmist) do you weld as you go, or make a section then weld it all?
  5. tacobob

    how do you do it?

    I use this on the couch and my legs go between the wooden legs.
  6. tacobob


    Fun times!
  7. tacobob

    New Weapons Rack(s)

    What kind of bows do you have scotched up under those canvasses? I have a lovely recurve myself.
  8. tacobob

    What are your favorite metals?

    Heavy, power, and symphonic. Lots and lots of drums and guitar, but backed up with a hint of prettier stuff like orchestras and choirs . Oh... We're not talking about that kind of metal? Ha! I was gonna say Melvins!
  9. tacobob

    Hello New to Chainmail

    Patience, patience, patience. With yourself over all. Weaving, for me, is a relaxing time. If it ceases to be relaxing, take a break (how ever long it needs to be). I once took a year and a half off. Comfy pliers. I like to wrap my handles in small string then dip 'em in plasti-dip a few times. I've got large-ish hands and need a little more bulk. Making your own rings is fun and rewarding to start. Then buy 'em from here !
  10. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Lorenzo, how crazy is it to weld an entire hauberk in .062" x 3/8"? Do you do it in sections? In rows? Can you weave the whole thing then weld the whole thing? p.s. I'm totally getting this rig. Just sold my half of my Millermatic to my business partener to pay for it! Wee!
  11. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Singularity, thank you for your response. Coming up on a year now, how is your welder holding up?
  12. tacobob

    how do you do it?

    Wow! I love all the responses! Keep 'em coming! I'll post a pic of my hanging rig shortly. (gotta figure out this com-pyoo-tah)
  13. tacobob

    how do you do it?

    I've recently been weaving with my work hanging from a rig suspended over my lap. It's an easy way to keep small 8in1 bracelets in order. Any thoughts?
  14. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Thanks for the reply, Lorenzo. I know this is a stupid question, but I'm a little thick. Does one need to order the welder, the foot switch, and the weld timer separately, or if one one orders 1@ Resistance Ring Welder Kit all of that stuff comes automatically? Aslo, thanks for building this rig. I've been trying to budget how much it would cost me to mod a spot welder myself, and it would be cost prohibitive.
  15. tacobob

    Experience with TRL Resistance Welder (Pics)

    Do you have any previous welding experience? I ask because I'm interested in buying the spot welder but have never welded rings before nor have I ever used a resistance welder. I do, however, weld with a MIG as part of my real job.