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  1. Lynxette

    Gold and Gold Fill

    Any update for the gold-fill?
  2. How does one calculate the approximate amount of rings needed for a weave?

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    2. calyx


      Okay, from googling (by the way RPI=rings per inch), HP3: 20g 1/8" - 20 RPI. 21g 1/8" - 20 RPI. HP4: 20g 5/32" - 22 RPI (another source says 17 RPI). 20g 9/64" - 22 RPI. 21g 9/64" - 22 RPI. 21g 1/8" - 28 RPI. JPL: 20g 3/32" - 22 RPI.

    3. Lynxette
    4. Lynxette
  3. Lynxette

    Need a little help with Maru bracelet

    I'll make another bracelet then with some adjustments for ring size. I hope I have enough in my stock
  4. Lynxette

    Need a little help with Maru bracelet

    weird. I'm using the recommended rings in the pattern
  5. I made a Maru bracelet the other day and ran into some problems. I had trouble making the next large ring go through the small three rings when it already has another large ring it. Even with two rings it was difficult. I decided to go with 2 small rings instead of three and left a small gap so I could squeeze the large ring through. However, leaving even tiny gap made some of the large rings sit on top of it's neighbor. I would prefer using the original pattern since it has more stiffness to it Does anybody have similar problems with the weave?
  6. JPL may be difficult to start at first but once you find the right pattern of adding rings, it just flows.

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    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      It's kinda like full Persian. Once you learn it, you're hooked! :D

    3. j_betts


      You are exactly right. That is the reason people sell starter weaves of it.

    4. Lynxette


      I find that I like the HP 4 in 1 more than full Persian.

  7. Lynxette

    Need help with naming my business

    I feel the same as you madd-vyking. I still have another month or so to think it over before I join the bazaar.
  8. It took me only 2hrs and 30 minutes to made my first 5-row E4-1 aluminum bracelet. The bracelet took only one hour. The rest was spent opening and pre-closing rings XD

    1. Chaosity


      Try using raw unopened or closed rings. Open one raw ring put it through the weave as needed. Then add one raw ring and close both. I bet you'll be down to a much shorter time the next time around.

    2. Jax25


      Yup. What Chaosity said. :)

    3. Lynxette
  9. Lynxette

    How do you store your rings and things?

    Currently using zip lock bags then storing them in this little plastic multi-compartment storage thingy. I need something bigger with more compartments but still portable. Plus, I need a bigger desk.
  10. My rings are finally here! Now if only I can find some proper storage and the find the time to inventory them all....

    1. Zeroignite


      Plastic baggies are my favorite storage method. I put each color of a size in a labeled bag, then put bags in storage drawers.

    2. Katlee


      Don't know if you have access (or how much you got), but I got these little 'trays' of little boxes from Staples that are "Really Useful Box". They fit smaller amounts, can be labeled with stickers, and you can grab a few of the boxes and wander off to somewhere to work with them. I've got three 'trays' of them and I might get a fourth! (you can also change your organization easily, too, by moving the boxes around in the trays)

  11. Lynxette

    Need help with naming my business

    Lynx Links? XD
  12. Lynxette

    Need help with naming my business

    I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Lynxette

    My first two bracelets

    My first pair of pliers are for beads but they can't open the rings
  14. Lynxette

    My first two bracelets

    Thanks Katlee! The closures are not perfect yet especially with the byzantine since my pliers were too big and the other rings were getting in the way. Hopefully, once I get my new pliers, my next bracelets would be better.
  15. I need some help naming my business for the bazaars I'll be joining next year. I originally wanted to name it "Chained Beauty" but a quick Google search turned up that the name was already taken. Tried out writing several ideas but none that seemed interesting enough to grab a buyer's attention. For those who already are registered businesses, how did you come up with your business name?