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  1. theory1


    The heavy part is part of the design. By consistently going against that resistance, I will be getting stronger on a daily basis. Also, if I am attacked by a hammer in real life, I have bigger problems. It also goes back to what I was telling tactical, there is no such thing as a perfect armor. Something is always going to be faster, stronger, or expolit a weakness. :-) also, even in the case the hammer, the chain mail links will help to distribute the bludgeoning power of the weapon a bit. It'll still hurt like a mother bear though.

  2. theory1


    Tactical: That is not true. For one, I'm using an alternating washer/butted rings style in stainless steel with spring temper when possible. For two, I have several examples of 4in1 (butted only) in aluminum that can stand up to some pretty harsh knife attacks. For third, this is a layer of protection that the attacker won't see coming. Given, it isn't fool-proof, but no layer of armor is. Any Armor can be beaten given the right circumstances and attack. But a layer of hindrance can foil an attack if it unexpected or the attack is less than a perfect thrust. I'm not looking for a perfect armor, I'm looking for layer that I can wear on an everyday basis without drawing attention to it.

  3. theory1


    There are two purposes to it. The first is to serve as a spread-out weight for the person wearing it, so they have to work harder to move their arms and their legs are burdened more. The second is to serve as a sort of last line of defense against knives. You can take it apart, so when you go to Ren fairs and such, you can just wear the chainmaille, but if you'd rather not be pulled over by cops every 15 minutes while jogging, you can wear it with the hoodie.