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  1. Morvandium

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Thanks, but the creation of the object of my interest is not imminent, just in planning stages. I'm not ready to purchase parts. At the very least, several months, possibly a year+ away. If, in general, you can do a small batch of large AA scales in a standard color for rings when you're sending a shipment off to be anodized, then it won't be a big deal in the future. (Correct me if I made an incorrect assumption based on your statement.) How many times a year do you send a bulk shipment to your anodizer? (If you only send out such a shipment every 18+ months, then by all means I'll get a hold of you now.) . This is for a personal project without a deadline, so it's not like I'll have someone else tapping their foot impatiently while they wait. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Morvandium

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Maybe this isn't the exactly right place for this question, but here it goes: What about AA scales in a color you offer AA rings in? Say, for example: large AA scales in yellow. I read a different post in the trading room about custom scales, but the focus was custom material, not anodizing. It seemed like it was more appropriate to this topic, but if I'm wrong, my apologies.
  3. Morvandium

    UPS Shipment tracking...

    It's nice that you provide a link right on your site to track packages sent by UPS. In some cases, the information you provide on your page is different from what UPS provides on their website. 1) Your status messages, in some cases, have more information than UPS provides on their website. (Now that's cool!) For example, "REGISTERED WITH CLEARING AGENCY. SHIPMENT RELEASE PENDING CLEARING AGENCY REVIEW" is your statement. The UPS website only says, "Registered with Clearing Agency." (Ok, it is annoying yours shouts at me, but it does have more information to shout.) 2) Your status doesn't list state/country by the city. While most cities many people could recognize, I had no clue where "Pembina" was until I looked it up. Could you possibly list state/province next to city? That would be sweet. Also, it would be nifty if when I clicked on the tracking number on the orders page if it would put the number into text box where I currently have to type it. (You could pass it as a variable in the URL easily, then just populate the text field of the form on the next page with that variable from the URL. Changes in two places, very little programming necessary.)
  4. You list how many points an order was worth in "Order Status, Tracking & History". It would be nice when I look at an order to also see how many points each line item in the cart is worth on its own. Just would be convenient.
  5. Morvandium


    Just a hunch, but do you guys lack a dedicated programmer or web-developer on staff? Is it outsourced? Or is someone doing it as a secondary task, say someone who is ... (not trying to be offensive) not a professionally trained programmer? It seems odd that no points are earned from an order with a points cert used. Here's why. As long as there's an advantage to putting in multiple orders, just to be able to save some money, many people will continue to work around the system to save that extra money. To me, it seems problematic that it is financially beneficial for a customer [redeeming a points certificate] to submit two separate orders in quick succession [making the order paid by point certificate as close to the value of the gift certificate as possible, composed of items that don't earn points, and the other order as the remaining items]. It seems likely to generate excess work (packing extra shipping boxes, the rare times that someone splits up a bulk item causing separate packaging, etc). And if you get charged per credit card transaction, that would be an extra charge. The excess packaging from sending multiple boxes and taping each one up is kinda wasteful, too, imo. The whole set of reasons here seems rather vague and odd to me. (Except for the bit about PayPal taking a while and sometimes requiring a manual over-ride of some sort -- that makes perfect sense.) All the information necessary to award partial points for an order using a points certificate is there on the server's end. It's possible to code awarding partial points if a points certificate was used. To determine partial points you need to know: 1) that a points certificate was used, 2) what the value of the points certificate is, 3) the items in the shopping cart (including relevant details about each item). Given that information, it should be a few lines of code, mostly math along with some control logic (if/else, loops). It's just a matter of determining how you want the server to handle the money spent by those certificates. It could apply to non-points items first (customer friendly, and the result of making two orders as described above); it could apply to points-giving items first (company friendly); or it could cover the same percentage of each ordered item (evenly balanced). Whichever path, all that's left is figuring out all the places you need to adjust the code, and then finding and adjusting them--and, if necessary, making appropriate updates to the database and/or other peripheral system. It might take some time, depending on how clean the code is (and how much you need to revamp other code to make it compatable), but it doesn't seem unreasonable as a goal, if you have a programmer. I might be overstating the simplicity, but I have several years of web development experience, so I know what I'm suggesting certainly isn't impossible, and likely not that ungodly of an amount of work. (To be fair, I'm also enough of a dork that it sounds fun, too.) Either way, just my thoughts. It isn't really that big of a deal, but it sure would be nice if you got partial points on an order partially paid for with a points certificate.
  6. Morvandium

    Routing errors?

    My last package played this game -- import scan at Minneapolis, MN, then it took a trip out to Fargo, ND, before coming back to Milwaukee, WI. I know someone that may have some insight to this -- I'll inquire.
  7. Morvandium

    How do you store your supplies?

    The Craftmates container that you pointed to is very similar to the tackle box that I use. Skedros -- I like the chip tube approach. How long do those last before they break down? What type of rings do you store in them? (I would hazard the guess that aluminum rings don't destroy the container as fast as heavy steel does.)
  8. Morvandium

    Our little Prince's Armor

    I hear the very young are easily influenced... with any luck, this one will have an interest in the arcane and archaic for years to come. But on a more serious note... that dragon on the floor is scary. No matter how much they smile, dragons are DANGEROUS. Been there; done that. Take it from someone who knows. Your maternity shots are beautiful -- wish I could look forward to that.
  9. Morvandium

    Yes, I was saying Boo-urns.

    Buy it -- it will increase in value... And this will be a multiplier on the value of silver goods.
  10. For large spools of wire, the answer may seem obvious -- on a spool. But for all the various other equipment and supplies (hand tools, electric tools, cut rings, coils, scales, etc.), where and how do you store yours? I have been using tackle boxes of various types for years -- the one I've found recently is one I prefer. It's a sturdy artificial material canvas-like case with a shoulder strap. Except for the logo, it would appear to be a travel bag. It has extra pouches (for pliers, cutters, and sample pieces) and space for plastic drawers in the main area. These plastic drawers are unsecured and can easily be interchanged. With some weather stripping on them, rings don't migrate from one section to another... and by having a few extra on hand, I drop in the right drawers and I've got an entire collection of my 16 gauge rings, or a collection of scale-work material, etc. (I can dig up brand names and pictures if anyone is interested. I keep my larger quantities of rings separate, in bags of boxes, etc., but for supplies for a couple days, this is an excellent system. I tend to do a lot of work on the move -- down time at work, days off, visiting people where the main activity is watching TV, etc. (I also have a tray I carry with me to work on, to reduce the amount of rings that end up in someone's carpet, couch, etc.) So, how does everyone else store their supplies?
  11. Morvandium

    scale availability...

    Ok... a couple scale questions. Do you know when the blackened stainless scales will be back in stock? Do you ever sell any anodized scales in the large size -- either titanium or aluminum? If not, what stands in the way of this? thanks
  12. Morvandium

    Darth Pangolin

    Those have a somewhat similar feel to some shrimp keychians I made some ago out of galvinized and copper. Cool little things, your pangolin... never heard of a pangolin before... a pangolin looks like an armadillo crossed with a possum.
  13. Morvandium

    How can I say no ??

    Don't be so hasty to figure out how to say no. Negotiation begins with naming a price. What kind of money do these kidlings have access too? They are young, so if funds are sufficient, my guess is you could rob 'em blind.
  14. Morvandium

    Titanium and Stainless Steel Necklace

    My key to doing mail work at an affordable rate... is to do it in down time at another job which I am already getting paid for. It's kinda cheating.... but when I'm mailing, half the time I'm already making $12.50/hr. Beautiful necklace, though. I'm doing more of the jewelry style work lately -- I've done mostly armor in the past. I think I'll take a shot at something along the lines of that. I like it.
  15. Morvandium

    In Memorium...

    I saw Waters last summer and greatly enjoyed the show. I'm now sad I didn't go see Gilmour's last tour for which Wright played keys. I told myself, "You can't spend the money now; they'll be around again, even if it is three or four years." Oops. I tried to get sick of Dark Side in high school -- spent two weeks listening to it pretty much whenever not in school -- while eating, doing home work, watching TV, sleeping, everything. It didn't work. It's still my one of my favorite albums. I'll be missing Wright.