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  1. Lysenis

    BRIGHT finish AA scales

    One think I noticed with these scales is that they have the Line marks. Those lines make me iffy on using those scales though I know they are still god I just am not a fan of a distracting quality like that. . .
  2. Lysenis

    Newbie Anodizer

    . . . YES! I have been wanting to learn this!
  3. Lysenis

    I also sell Scales on the Internet! Hi!

    YOU!!!!! You are the person who did that sleeve! I need to talk to you on how you did that so well . . . I found it on pinterest and have been wondering on how to do it properly. . . Also I love the spinal cord scales. . . I plan on doing that for my Lizardman LARP persona. . .
  4. Lysenis

    Scale mail mantle, what will I need?

    To do a contraction you replace a scale with a ring, for an expansion you weave a second scale to the ones above it.
  5. Lysenis


    An hour gives me a 5 row wide ~15 row deep segment in 18g 1/4 and 19g 5/32. . . I thought of doing a shirt once. . . never after making my first bracelet. . . they best I would THINK of doing is a pleated skirt. . . or a full skirt. . .
  6. Lysenis

    Need help with dragonscale weave proportions

    Well 18g 1/4 and 19g 5/32 works really well and they both fall under the 5.6 rule. . . but I would not go lower then 5.5. It still bends nicely but it is a pain to do.
  7. Lysenis

    Announcing Medium scales!

    I was asking for mini scales. . . If I have to put in an order for them I will! now I need to find how much it is going to cost for a bulk order for different colors for medium scales. . . Might have to start an Indiegogo page to crowd fund it. . . which is one thing I cant believe TRL has yet to do. . .
  8. Lysenis

    Robin in Scalemaille

    That's just amazing!
  9. Lysenis

    Maille purse laying on it's back.

    Best significant other EVER!
  10. Lysenis

    Shield scale business card

    You guys are EVIL! . . . I want. . .
  11. Lysenis

    wedding rings

    Hmmm looking at a 5 AR Sterling. . . hmmmmm likely need about 30-50ish rings each. . . material cost looks to be about $40 if I were to do it since I charge around $25-30 for silver (its a HUGE pain to work with and not mark so you have to be extremly careful. . . ) I would say about $100 for the set. As for a center peice, if you can find a jeweler who is willing to sell the setting and stone and have the setting with looped ends or another way to hold the setting in place on the rings your golden.
  12. Lysenis

    Creating a respectable booth for events

    How do you handle commissions? Do you use a folding dinner table or something?
  13. Lysenis

    wedding rings

    The best ring size I like is 18g 5/32" or rings with an aspect ratio of that size. Also material wise Stainless steel and titanium are my prefered for extreme long use (mind you this is for a basic euro 4 in 1 ring)
  14. Lysenis

    Ren fair etiquette? (Re: exclusives)

    Not full contact. More Foam boffer style where they frown on grappling and such. It is light multiple hits and is very big on ambiance. It is also more Tolken essque, with magic, monsters, etc. Many people enjoy hanging out and maybe fighting.
  15. Lysenis

    Creating a respectable booth for events

    My draw factor since I am new and in the 1st Evolution as Borealis Metal Works has put it, are my Scale Ties. I wear them, lay them out and people love the "dragon" or "snake" look of them. Hmmmm what methods would you guys recommend to "layer" a booth? How much space in a vehicle does a setup that each of you use takes up? (I am looking at getting a subaru for the space in the back for this reason. . . well and LARPing in Amtgard and SCA. . . ) I would also LOVE to see some example pictures!