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    Weaving Maille, Melee Sparring, Swords, Armour, Writing, Drawing, Magic the Gathering and spacing out to music.
  1. Nivulus

    7th Anniversary

    Best felony ever.
  2. I placed a custom order on Friday, and I can't sit still. I hope it turns out like I'm imagining.

    1. Jon Daniels

      Jon Daniels

      I think you'll be happy - your custom laser engraved tags looked great. I didn't take a pic but share a pic when you get them.

    2. Nivulus


      Of course! What category would I post it under?

  3. Nivulus

    Maille Projects - Shield Scale Necklace

    © (C)~Nivulus 2014

  4. Nivulus

    Costume Coif w/ Inlay final

    Finally finished this, recently, after several revisions. I'm not going to touch it again except to replace the black AA sometime in the future. The front is closed with magnets. 14g, 3/8" BA in E4-1 16g, 3/8" Black Ice AA edge 16g, 3/16" Brass for trim.

    © (C)~Nivulus 2014

  5. Nivulus

    Square Twisted Copper 16G 5/16"

    Holy crap, this needs to be a thing. Not just potential.
  6. Nivulus

    IMG 1133[1]

  7. Bought rings for the first time in almost a year. I am excite. Especially since this is gonna lead to an even bigger project.

  8. Faire was awesome. Got to talk to some excellent maillers, and other visitors about the craft. One shop gave me some validation, while another kinda made my work seem pointless. Still had fun though.

  9. First trip to the faire after starting this nasty habit. I won't lie, I'm kinda hoping to get some compliments. Also looking forward to seeing the local artisan's work with new eyes. Excitement abounds!

  10. Nivulus

    Laser engraved custom tags

    OMG this made me so happy. I want these so bad. D:
  11. It's kind of awesome getting to wear armour you made yourself in combat. :D

  12. Nivulus

    Magic the Gathering Inlay

    Hell. Yes.
  13. After losing a weekend's worth of work time, I can finally get back to work. Which is good, because I only have 18 days to finish everything...

  14. Note to self: Do not misuse tools, no matter how frustrated you are. You will break them, and have to replace them. *sigh*

  15. 16g 3/16" is quickly losing its charm...