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  1. I placed a custom order on Friday, and I can't sit still. I hope it turns out like I'm imagining.

    1. Jon Daniels

      Jon Daniels

      I think you'll be happy - your custom laser engraved tags looked great. I didn't take a pic but share a pic when you get them.

    2. Nivulus


      Of course! What category would I post it under?

  2. Bought rings for the first time in almost a year. I am excite. Especially since this is gonna lead to an even bigger project.

  3. Faire was awesome. Got to talk to some excellent maillers, and other visitors about the craft. One shop gave me some validation, while another kinda made my work seem pointless. Still had fun though.

  4. First trip to the faire after starting this nasty habit. I won't lie, I'm kinda hoping to get some compliments. Also looking forward to seeing the local artisan's work with new eyes. Excitement abounds!

  5. It's kind of awesome getting to wear armour you made yourself in combat. :D

  6. After losing a weekend's worth of work time, I can finally get back to work. Which is good, because I only have 18 days to finish everything...

  7. Note to self: Do not misuse tools, no matter how frustrated you are. You will break them, and have to replace them. *sigh*

  8. 16g 3/16" is quickly losing its charm...

  9. Got my latest order. Time to play with new materials (brass, stainless & rubber) and make a couple birthday gifts. :D

  10. I love my friend Stray. In his mind, as soon as I took up maille, I became a master, capable of great things. Bless his heart. His trust in my ability is overwhelming and empowering.

  11. Found an "easier" way to do HP6-1, and found out HP5-1 does in fact exist. I'm really loving the variety I've got access to right now. Can't wait to take on more. :D

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    2. cohort


      6- and 7-in-1 exist, too, but the ring ARs get nuts.

    3. Nivulus


      I kinda figured when I started getting into HP, but it was nice to have some confirmation. And if you'll notice, I mentioned making 6-in-1 already. :P And they really do. I had to use 3/4" to get the pattern to rest properly.

    4. AlchemistsFire


      Awesome, looking forward to seeing!

  12. Finally got my stuff after the weather delayed delivery. I'm loving the 16g 3/16" BA, and though the scale is proving tricky, it's still fun to do. :D

  13. Really wish there were more color options for the 16g 3/16" AA. *sadface*

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    2. Lysenis


      And this is why I have started to make my own rings. . . So many sizes missing!

    3. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      16316 custom order in in the works in the saw cut colors. New 16732 size in in process. We've over doubled our saw cut AA line in the last year in terms of colors and sizes.

    4. Nivulus



      But seriously, I understand, and I know (hope) the extended range of colors will likely make it to the other sizes. It just sucks for me right now, since the exact thing I need doesn't exist on the site yet. :B

      Lysenis - Anodizing my own rings would be a huge pain in the ass. Especially for the relatively small quantities I have in mind. :V

  14. After wasting more than a week trying to find a less intrusive way to buy supplies, I finally have stuff on the way. 'Bout damn time...

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    2. Katlee


      Wow... just, wow. Makes me appreciate my bank oh so much more! Never had that issue at all. The hubby has had his card 'turned off' a few times, but that's due to him paying for something in Chattanooga in the morning, then in Illinois in the afternoon, then Michigan in the evening (or any other combination of states). Thankfully, a quick phone call turns it back on and after a few times, he's made them note on the account to stop that.

      Maybe go with a prepaid t...

    3. Katlee


      Bah... a prepaid type card. You can get them just about anywhere and there shouldn't be a hassle with it.

    4. Nivulus


      I'm glad my suffering has shown you the way, Katlee. <3 But seriously, I'll look into that as well. Thanks for the suggestion. :B

  15. Ended up doing Barrels, Full Persian and Shaggy Loops instead. Still a success in my book.

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Good for you! I just learned full Persian and I think it's a lovely weave

    2. Nivulus


      It definitely is! :D

    3. AlchemistsFire


      Barrels/RSD is one of my favourite weaves. Shaggy Loops is fun too, and I'm excited to play with it a little more when my watch parts finally get here!

  16. Got some 5/16" stainless rings for Christmas. Made a Byzantine/Box chain, some small E4-1 patches. Potentially invented a new chain pattern, and now it's time to try some JPL, Barrels/RSD and HP3-1. Let the fun begin!

  17. I just realized it's only been a month since I started doing maille. Seems like it should be more, with all the waiting and all the things I've already learned...

    1. Katlee


      Yeah, I've been doing it for about 3 months, and it does seem a lot longer.

    2. Nivulus


      I guess time flies when you're having fun. o:

  18. Scrubbed up my coif and it looks beautiful. I might cry. God I'm loving Bright Aluminum...

  19. New stuff, time to start weaving! :D

  20. I can now add Byzantine to my repertoire. \o/

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Congrats! It took me almost a year to figure it out! XD

    2. Milquetoast


      It's definitely a useful weave to know. Once you really get it down it's relatively quick, and it's a real crowd-pleaser

    3. Nivulus


      Thanks! And I can definitely see why, it's a nifty looking weave. :D

  21. Hooray! New stuff soon!

  22. Anyone know how to find the OD of a ring *without* having to buy and measure myself?

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    2. Khollin


      add the ID(in millimeters) to the thickness of the ring in MM( not the gauge). multiply that number by 3.14

    3. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      Sorry Khollin that's wrong.

      Outside diameter = OD

      Inside Diameter = ID

      Wire Thickness = WireDia

      OD = ID + 2x Wire Dia

      ID = OD - 2x Wire Dia

    4. Milquetoast


      Khollin, I think you're thinking of circumference

  23. Seriously considering dismantling my hackey sack to add a few more rows to the coif, just so I can spend some more time weaving...

  24. I'm an idjit that doesn't notice timestamps...