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  1. I have to agree, if it's not an "owned" pattern, there should be no trouble. In a situation like this, the copyrights are for the photos themselves, not necessarily what's in them. Plus, it's just a common weave, doubled up. You can't tell me no one has ever done that before.It's not like they found an entirely new way to weave the rings. In this case, it's just the instructions that are copy-written, so you should be fine.

  2. You're likely to become the butt of jokes more because you brought up a thread from 5 years ago than because you're a fur. :biggrin:

    Yeah, I have a bad habit of missing that stuff. I R not gud at forumz. >_> But I came across this and saw how people were reacting, and in spite of knowing better, had to say something. But I'll take that over furry jokes, since it's my own damn fault. xD

    Maillers are a less-than-politically-correct bunch of people. We tend to accept all kinds, even "normals." :shock::yes:respect:

    I figured as much, which is another reason I wasn't worried about admitting that about myself. :sofa:

  3. Looks like you've already learned one of the biggest lessons in maille-- you will always need more rings than you think!

    Indeed! I knew I wouldn't have enough though, as it was just a small "starter" package to see if I really wanted to follow through. Oh how quickly 1500 rings can vanish. xD

  4. I'm not embarrassed, nor ashamed to admit that I'm a fur (and an amateur mailler, hence posting here :P ) I'm not particularly prideful of it either, but I refuse to be made to feel bad about who I am simply because the majority doesn't understand. As long as I'm not hurting anyone or anything, it's my own business.:3

    I do agree with Cynake's post. Because guess what? People are people. Some of them are jerks, some are pretty awesome (like the Admiral there) and some are just weird. Most, if not all, are any of those at a given time. (I'm not saying that's the core point of his/her post, but rather adding my two cents to it.)

    Aside from that, since I don't wanna write an article on the matter, question answered. Yet another confirmed fur mailler. \o/ I wouldn't be surprised if I suddenly became the butt of many jokes. :P

  5. Hi all,

    Yet another newbie, chiming in. :3 My name Niv (I prefer to keep my real name on a personal level) and I started weaving last week, and found myself immediately addicted. It is one of the rare few things I've find myself having a passion for. I've already completed a J4-1 (doubled) hackey sack, and done about 1/3 of a coif (I didn't buy enough rings, and ran out reeeeeeeeally fast), and I have big plans for the future. :D

    I'm not usually good with the whole forum thing, but I think things will be different this time. I have a real interest in maille, and like a lot of what I see here, and am eager to contribute.