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  1. Far as I'm aware, it is. Gravity is not it's friend, granted. The ring size makes for large spaces, which causes the weave to hang in "bunches" when suspended. Laid flat, it looks fine, which you can see in the proceeding photo. I think slightly smaller rings, or a larger gauge might fix the problem, but that would require making custom rings, which I'm not doing yet.

  2. Thanks!

    That's actually one of the nice things about the oblong rings, you can rotate the closures of the alternating segments so that they don't touch your skin at all (and therefore aren't likely to grab hair, unless you're hairy like myself). : D They're conveniently cradled by the connectors. Granted, it probably makes it overall more susceptible to stress, to pull the rings open, but being jewelry, there's a low chance it'll come across that kind of pressure.

    The shape also seems to compliment Byzantine rather well. o:

  3. It is a weird weave that way. But you've done well with it, very nice! I might like it a little on the loose side, though, my favorite is with it done with 18g 3/16" rings, but that's still a smaller AR than what you used. I think it looks very nice, though! Seems to be holding it's shape rather well. :)

    Thank you! I made it from some leftover rings (if there is such a thing) so it's just sort of a scrap practice. Making do with what I have, and all that jazz. I'll use a better gauge and diameter when I make some for keeping. I might even try the 18g 3/16". o: