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  1. azbaron

    Dragonscale Chinese mountain armor

    Glad to see you're still at it. Have to say this may just be my favorite of all the shirts you've made.
  2. azbaron

    Help pick the colors for tiny scales

    Purple, Purple, Purple....
  3. azbaron

    Looking for the Old Red EPMD 16g 1/4"

    I've got about 6.6 oz of the old red which is about 1400-1500.
  4. azbaron

    Problems with 16g BA wire from TRL

    Use plain white rice to tumble it in.
  5. azbaron

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    Dumb question....the video for the welder says just close your eyes and hit the foot peddle when you weld the ring. Can you just use welding goggles? I'd rather watch what I'm doing...never used a welder before.
  6. azbaron

    CGMaille.com Wrong Rings

    Wow, Phong and Lord A commenting in the same week...just wow. <Grin>
  7. azbaron

    Dull Bright Silver AA

    I must have gotten a little luckier...On the rings that I just got last week one side is "cloudy and one side is shiny, workable but have to pay attention to which way I weave the rings.
  8. azbaron

    Micro Chainmaile Top

    Hey I didn't know you were on the forums here... You guys should see it in person. She did a great job on it.
  9. Need to acquire an ounce or 2 of this for an order. Willing to pay original TRL cost of the rings or can trade equal amounts of the orange or green GITD rings. Anyone still have some and willing to part ways with it? Thanks! Azbaron
  10. About 11,000 rings...a bit more if you stabilized the bottom of the shirt and sleeves. Looks good - nice job.
  11. azbaron

    Trying to make half persian with rubber rings

    16 1/4 is better for hp3-1, but you can use the 5/16. It will just be looser is all.
  12. azbaron

    Importing from overseas

    and more by the broker then us... Jax, I'll have to email you. We work for the same agency...
  13. John, I'm interested in trying this out. It won't let me upload a svg file. So here is a JPG. I can send a high res .psd if that would be better. If this is too detailed for this, I have another thought for scales so I can work it up too. David Baron
  14. azbaron

    Done with my one project for the year

    Great job as usual! Glad to see you still doing these.