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    Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
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    Chainmail, Pool, Bass, Guitar, Drums.
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    im 12 yrs old...
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    chainmail, scalemail, lego, pop tab chainmail.
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  1. Shminkingofgin

    The Beatles Help! Chainmail Inlay

    Well, I quit chainmail, so I don't think I'll change it.
  2. Is really frusterated! I can't change my member title!

  3. Shminkingofgin

    The Beatles Help! Chainmail Inlay

    Hey Guys, Its been a long while since I've posted here. Haha. As you can see, Over the past year or two, I have grown to absolutely love The Beatles. They are my favorite band by far. So I decided to make a small inlay of one of my favorite albums. I thought I'd post this as I would like some constructive criticism and your thoughts on The Beatles. Thanks for reading the thread. I posted a picture to show. If you would like a progress picture I could post that too. PS- I thought I'd put a picture of my old cat. We had to put him down a little while ago. The picture was taken right before he went to the vet. He was awesome.
  4. Shminkingofgin


    Hahaha! Thats totally a dragon Chain from RuneScape! Thats actually really cool. How did you do the shoulders?
  5. Shminkingofgin

    HELP! I'm seriously frusterated.

    Haha. Ok Thanks anyway guys, I got seriously frusterated and decided to just delete the game. It was bogging my computer down anyway. Again, Thanks, Alex
  6. Shminkingofgin

    HELP! I'm seriously frusterated.

    So I just started playing World Of WarCraft and The colour of the landscape and stuff is all messed up. and i can't see different buttons that should be on the screen. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  7. Shminkingofgin

    finished scale shirt (whew!)

    Oh my god.. WOW. Thats absolutely awesome!!!
  8. Shminkingofgin

    First Sculpture Attempt (pic heavy)

    Wow that sweet!!!!
  9. Shminkingofgin

    Eskimo beer armour!!!! New !!!!

    But the Stamps suck too! The game in Regina had like little tiny tiny tiny specs of red at the bottom. EDIT: Where the hell did you get the green tabs???
  10. Shminkingofgin

    Eskimo beer armour!!!! New !!!!

    That is so awesome.. I'm gonna have to make the same thing But this time in the Right team. RIDERS!!! Awesome job though!!!
  11. Shminkingofgin

    Scale Mail Greave (singular)

    Awesome man. You should make some Knee cops and rivet them to the leather. That would make them even more awesome. Maybe even adding to the bottom a bit wouldn't hurt. Awesome job again.
  12. Shminkingofgin

    "Splatter Mask"

    thats really cool rocky.
  13. Shminkingofgin

    Website selling.

    Ok, Thanks for the info guys.
  14. Shminkingofgin

    Website selling.

    I was just wondering how effective Selling online is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  15. Shminkingofgin

    Another Scale Mail question

    THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FRICKEN AMAZING!!! i love it.. how long did it take you?