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    Wolf Teeth and Wire!

    I use shark teeth from time to time. All I do is drill a hole just large enough for a ring to go thru.
  2. Gremlin


    16316BA and AA from TRL 41,000 rings If time were put into regular work weeks of 40 hours a week, this took 10 weeks to complete.

    © Curtis (GremsGear) Rondeau

  3. In late January 2012 I placed an order for 93 lbs of SS16732 and it was a rush order. Jon and Bernice were on top of it the whole way. I believe I placed the order on a Thursday and to my surprise, it was delivered, all 93 lbs (and 12 extra bags which I ordered on the Friday) on Tuesday. This was with the requested tumbling of the rings as well. Awesome service, thanks folks. Out of all those rings there was only ...... wait for it ........ 6 duds!!!! This was in approx 120,000 rings. All rings were shiny and bright - no dull grey like stainless steel can be at times either. The Fort Garry Horse, a military unit here in Winnipeg, is celebrating their 100th anniversary and these rings were ordered to make 85 sets of epaulettes for the members dress uniforms. Total number of rings used was 111,860 rings. The order was started near the end of January and I just finished it yesterday. One of the things that helped in completing this project were the pliers Bernice suggested. These are the Modified Knipex 2001160 Plier (KX200-MOD). Absolutely amazing. Easy to use and makes mailling soooo easy..... Anyway, here are some pictures. 42 sets of the 85 sets of epauletts Closeup (sorta) of one set Full order packed for delivery by me
  4. Thank you. How they kept them in place was not my problem but I believe they use a series of 6 hooks.
  5. Just saw this and now have to pick my jaw up off the floor. Beautiful, awesome, breathtaking, and DYAM THAT'S NICE!!!!
  6. Finally got a picture of them that I can upload.
  7. I have requested some pictures from them and will post them when I'm able to.
  8. Gremlin

    Winnipeg Maillers?

    Yup, I'm still here as well.
  9. Gremlin

    Best pliers I've used

    I recently ordered (and received) a couple Modified Knipex 2001160 (KX200-MOD). I've been using them for a couple days now and must say they are excellent. I have small hands and was concerned about the size of the pliers. After corresponding with Bernice about having a smaller set modified for me I decided to go with the ones they have in stock already modified. Best decision regarding pliers I've made. These things just flat out work making 16ga & 14ga stainless steel rings as easy to work with as 18 ga BA. Thank you Bernice for the info and thank you TRL for offering these pliers already modified.
  10. My ducks are lining up into a row nicely. I just ordered a couple pairs of the Modified Knipex 2001160 pliers to make the job go easier.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      I like lines of ducks - much better than chaotic ducks; they're bad.

    2. Gremlin


      LOL ... So true Bernice.

    3. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      If you miss the ducks the dog will laugh at you.

  11. Gremlin

    Post your workspace!

    @Chainmailbasket_com Thanks for posting the info. I will have to take a closer look.
  12. Gremlin

    Post your workspace!

    Any chance of getting a better picture of the little guy in the upper left hand corner?
  13. YOO-HOO!! Found out last night that I was awarded the biggest commission I have ever gotten. Over 100,000 stainless steel rings .... oohhh my hands ache already.

    1. Brimley's Mom
    2. Gremlin


      Thanks. Just got the notification email that the "get started" order has been shipped. Waiting for reply to email and online customer service form from TRL b4 placing the main order.

  14. Gremlin


    Thanks folks.
  15. Gremlin

    Who have you inspired?

    That is just to cool. I tried to teach my son ( 10 yo )but he got bored and wanted to go back to "Mario" and Youtube.
  16. Gremlin

    Who have you inspired?

    I'm not sure I've inspired anyone to try but I *have been * inspired by a few. What I do notice when I'm chainmailing in public is that the smaller the rings I use the more impressed (for lack of a better word) whoever is watching becomes.
  17. Gremlin

    How long does it take ...

    Thanks for the response and the return email. I will use the email addie supplied for future questions, if any.
  18. How long does it take for the redeemable "points" to show up after the purchase of the downloadable instructions? I know that it is instant when pruchasing rings but there appears to be a lag after the downloadable instructions.
  19. Gremlin

    How long does it take ...

    Sent an email regarding this.
  20. Gremlin

    App for iPhone or iPod Touch

    Just wanted to pass along some info for those that have an iPhone or iPod Touch. I found this app called "iChainmaille" that seems to be pretty good. It gives the user an extensive list of metals, gauges, and ARs for both AWG and SWG (inches and mm). It also allows you to add weaves & suppliers to the list. However, be aware the AR it gives is based on the mandrel used to wind the wire and does not take into account the springback. And no ... I am not affiliated with the app or the programmer.
  21. Gremlin


    I've done business with these folks for whip making supplies. Good people with fast service. http://www.murphywhips.com
  22. Gremlin

    App for iPhone or iPod Touch

    I hope this doesn't turn into one of those "mine is better/bigger/bader than yours" threads. That is not what I wanted to start here. It's not what you use/wear/ride/drink/smoke/etc., it's how you use it.
  23. Gremlin


    I like this a lot.
  24. Love the new board with the "Clean Cut" skin

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      Thanks Gremlin +ve feedback is always nice to hear.

  25. Gremlin


    Thanks Bernice.