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  1. zcar300


    Aluminum and stainless.
  2. zcar300

    4in1 roundmaille

    I forget what size these are. 22g I think.
  3. zcar300

    Byzantine segment

    Did you solder those closed? I assume it would be too fragile otherwise.
  4. zcar300

    26g full persian

    How well did it hold up? Are they soldered? Looks beautiful.
  5. zcar300

    Sterling Silver, soldered

    Sterling Silver 19g - 19g 1/8'' - SXST1918 It haven't weighed it but there wasn't much left over so a little less than an ounce.
  6. zcar300

    Sterling Silver, soldered

    I soldered every ring closed. It was my first time soldering jewelry.
  7. zcar300


    20ga 3/32'' Flexible but will not turn inside out. This is my favorite configuration for rings.
  8. zcar300


  9. zcar300


    Sterling Silver and gold fill.
  10. zcar300


    Sterling Silver and gold fill.
  11. zcar300

    Flag ring

    20ga 7/64'' ID - Saw Cut
  12. zcar300

    Kathy's ring 2

    A ring I made for my girlfreind. I need to add a couple rows to the band because it doesn't like to lay flat. The band is titanium and the flower is aluminum.

    © Bill Roberts 2013

  13. zcar300

    Kathy's ring 2

    The flower is 20ga 7/64 I don't remember what the band is.
  14. 99.9% Fine Silver 18g - 18ga 5/32'' ID
  15. zcar300

    micro persian

    Is it pure silver? I've tried Byzantine with 20g pure silver and it was too soft and fell apart more than once.
  16. zcar300

    EU 4in1

    The outside rows are pure Sterling silver and the inside row is gold fill.19g - 19g 9/64'' is the closest I could get to a 3.5AR in both types of metals. I really wanted to use pure silver but it's not available in the right sizes. 19g 9/64''[/size][/background]
  17. zcar300

    Pink and Frost

    20, 7/64 byzantine
  18. zcar300

    Special project need advice

    ok I will try and find some M pattern tutorials. Thank you.
  19. zcar300

    Special project need advice

    So my girlfriend was just given a sheet of maille armor by her coworker. Apparently it was taken off an Iraqi bomber. They are assuming I will be able to make a bikini out of it. I don't know the size of the rings or anything yet but I assume they are welded. I know to make a bikini properly you have to have contractions and expansions. So how much of a pain would it be to use this for a bikini? So far all I've made is bracelets and rings but this could be pretty cool.
  20. zcar300

    Blue Gradient Whirly Bird

    What are Flop rings?
  21. zcar300

    TRL scales going to Mars

    It would be really cool if they sent you a picture of the shield once they have it designed.
  22. zcar300

    TRL scales going to Mars

    Any more information on the insight mission and how these scales will be used? Ordered 3, because NASA. Edit- found some info A seismic experiment will listen for "marsquakes" and use this information to map the boundaries between the rock layers inside Earth's neighbour. It will determine if the planet has a liquid or solid core, and provide some clues as to why its surface is not divided up into tectonic plates as on Earth. Key components of this package will come from France and the UK. InSight will also push a German-built thermal probe into the surface to gauge Mars' temperature profile. This will reveal how the planet is cooling. It will also deliver another sensor that will very accurately determine the degree to which the planet wobbles on its axis.JPL will provide the two cameras on InSight and a robotic arm.
  23. zcar300

    Dragonscale Pinecone Earrings

    Wow they really do look like pinecones. Great idea.
  24. zcar300

    Fine Silver Bracelet help

    Not that I know more about alloys then anyone here but TRL says this about their fine silver. "We use full hard temper for all of our fine silver rings - this is the same hardness as 1/2 hard sterling." Just thought I would throw that out there. And that design is beautiful!