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  1. yup, I tore apart a bunch of roller chain - using just about every part except for the rivet/pins. I used three different kinds of bicycle chains, and a similar sized roller chain that I think came from an electric garage door opener. The lacing points are solid squarish doughnut shaped roller bearings from the inside of the links; the cylinder shaped things in the bottom trim are also from the inner links, being the sleeves/bushings that the bearings rotate on and that hold together the two plates that make up the inner links of a roller chain. The somewhat brass colored links are from bushingless roller chains (a common type of bicycle chain today), which use a different sort of link/plate in the roller link that I have not yet found much admirable use for, roller links from bushingless chains also do not have the nifty little cylindrical sleeve/bushings (which filled quite a few hacky sacks before I realized I could weave them)... and the other parts mostly: 1/8"ID by .045" 316 stainless... oh, partially lined with soft leather...  

  2. Thanks, I hope to get a pic of it on but have to wait a few months or find someone other than my wife to model it. They are blued and lightly waxed with carnauba based floor wax. it gets a very light dusting of rust once in a while, but it pretty much brushes off with a cloth. Next time I make something like this I plan on lacquering the link to keep them fresh looking like, like the row of shinier bluish links in the bottom couple rows above the more open weave that is around the hips.