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  1. LinkedDesigns

    Looking for the right Cutting Fluid

    I've heard that the kiddy bubbles work as well... but for stainless? I can understand that they might work ok but are they the best thing to use? I'm more interested in efficiency rather than cost to be honest.... Stainless is a pain in the rump to cut but I prefer it to be honest
  2. LinkedDesigns

    Looking for the right Cutting Fluid

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm looking for a good cutting fluid, suitable for stainless that I'm running through my customized Ringinator setup, that is both efficient and that is eco-friendly, etc. I would also like to only buy a gallon or so to try it out. Thanks in advance.
  3. I do have to say that my second favorite fun in was with a guy that was making headdresses with stainless rings that had not been deburred..... I could just imagine a girl putting one on and feeling a drop of blood fun down her brow from all the barbs
  4. I feature a good bit of my jewelry/accessory pieces at a local boutique and actually had a guy who wanted to put his maille in the shop as well, or to replace mine, talk trash about the "quality" of my maille to the shop owner.... Keep in mind that I have been crafting pieces for about 5 years now from every material from stainless to aluminum to gold... The shop owner, who I have worked with for over a year, called me over to take a look at it.... This... person.... had a handful of pieces that were all made out of 14ga aluminum wire, clearly cut with cheap hobby wire cutters (sharp v shaped closures), and the clasps were the cheap Walmart "silver" colored ones. Needless to say... I laughed... If the guy wasn't such an @$$ I probably would have helped him out, or at least given him a few pointers.
  5. LinkedDesigns

    Digital credit card processing

    I have found that my PayPal card reader is far more efficient than Square because I can instantly use the funds to purchase more materials, etc.
  6. LinkedDesigns

    Business case.

    You also can't forget Ebay....
  7. LinkedDesigns

    filler rods

    I have found that it is easier to justify purchasing larger quantities wire when I plan on making a lot of one type of maille. For instance if I am making a good amount of armor at one time, its just smarter to buy my wire in bulk.
  8. LinkedDesigns

    What pieces can I sell?

    I do have to agree.... You have to factor in a lot of different factors when your pricing maille. I make sure that I consider materials, time, wear and tare on my equipment, and of course where I'm selling the piece. If its at a boutique then I add a little more as opposed to online sales, etc.
  9. LinkedDesigns

    Best Cutters for Stainless Steel?

    Mostly I use my cutting system to cut my Stainless Steel rings for more intricate/delicate projects but on occasion I make armor and hear that cutters/snips are better to use for 16-14ga Stainless, so I was wondering which are the best overall regardless of price and which were the best value. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. LinkedDesigns

    Best Blades for cutting Stainless Steel?

    Hey guys/gals I was looking for some input on better blades to cut harder materials, specifically Stainless Steel and Titanium. I am currently using TRL blades but they aren't cutting as fast as I'd like. I do know that cutting stainless is a pain and time consuming but am looking for a faster alternative. I'm using a Ringinator Jr. driven by a drill press motor and a pulley system and have calibrated the system to cut at the optimum RPM for Stainless Steel. Thanks in advance.
  11. LinkedDesigns

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    Thank you all for your input, I do appreciate it.
  12. I bought the Ringinator Jr., Splash Shield, and Pump a good 6+ months ago and still can't seem to work out all the kinks... I basically built my own Ringinator Sr. using the Jr., drill press motor, and a pulley system however it doesn't really work as well as I think it should on Stainless Steel and other hard materials. These are the issues I'm having: 1. Even at suggested cutting speeds, using premium slotting blades, using a stick lubricant, and making sure the belts aren't too tight, it takes an eternity to cut Stainless Steel, suggestions? 2. I have yet to construct an efficient coiling method that coils quickly, without having to guide the wire by hand, and that the finished coil can be removed quickly. 3. I would like everyone's suggestions on the best water soluble cutting oil/fluid. 4. I have also had problems with the anodized coating being worn off with little use on the anodized aluminum rings that theringlord.com offers... I have made several bracelets out of them and after about a week or two the coating begins to wear off even when I use padded pliers, is there a better way of making/using anodized rings? If you all could help me with these issues I would appreciate it.