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  1. Dwayne Miller

    Anything in/near Ohio?

    Just as title states. looking for a chainmail festival/other event. I am looking to start selling some mail, but want to see what kind of market is in the area, and how many others are selling. I live near Akron, Ohio, but anywhere in Ohio/Western PA is fine. Thanks to all, Dwayne
  2. Dwayne Miller

    Tumbler idea... might be bad

    I like this idea, a lawn roller/maille tumbler! Course I live in a condo and do not have a tractor (I included that mostly cause I thought it was funny), however, I do have a couple of teenagers, hmm.. "Your punishment will be 100 laps around the condo pulling the mail tumbler!". Kids reply, "But DAD, thats unfair, my friends only get grounded!". To all responders, thank you for your input, I found out we sold that ice cream maker... However I am looking for another, and I volenteer at a local thrift store... so it should not be long. And thanks for the heads up on duty cycle and wiring, I will be sure to watch it and not leave it unattended.
  3. Dwayne Miller

    Tumbler idea... might be bad

    Was reading on tumblers and how they can polish/deburr rings, and even finished pieces (small enough to fit intside at least). Got to thinking, bucket, drill, etc, read some wacky ideas, affix a bucket with lid to the raised rear tire of a lawn tractor! I recall owning (someplace) a motorized home made ice cream churn... if I can find it, I am going to try it, heck if I can find it, will be the right price (free! and even if need one, they are only a couple of bucks at a thrift store or yard sale). Anyone think of a reason this will NOT work (the bucket moves, not the churn,I can modify or remove the wipers inside so they will not be an issue.) Thanks