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  1. pes3108

    Do you think I can do it?

    I've done about 500-750 rings in two days but that was BA 2018 so I don not think your hands would last eight hours on the second day, but more power to you.
  2. pes3108

    How do you store your supplies?

    Similar to Czar, I store mine in a drawer inside prescription medication bottles, my neighbor is a pharmacist and they click when they are closed. The safety cap keeps them from pouring out everywhere when I throw stuff around the way I do + the lid can be poured into as a reservoir for rings you are using which keeps me from sticking my fingers in the evey 5 seconds. For Ba I use clear TINY siplck bags to distinguish color and plave them inside a tuberware storage container dawer stackable thingy .
  3. pes3108

    Shiny stuff

    I see your dilemma, I would not want to because they are awesome pictures but we have to choose which is more important.
  4. pes3108

    Friend needs some hauberk advice

    He could also add a hood or built in cowl to it which would take up some slack and still look good being a little bit saggy.
  5. pes3108

    My first post to TRL

    OMG I cannot imagine how long that took... It is totally awesome and original...
  6. pes3108

    Progress on Bracers (big pics)

    I have some of these scales laying around and I want to dabble in leather work. I commend your awesome work because I do not have this amount of patients.
  7. pes3108

    My First GSG

    Ive always wanted to do some stuff in copper but I'm afraid it would be too soft. I love your GSG though.
  8. pes3108

    Captive Zen Bracelet

    It looks really good, I never seen this weave before. I wish I had used hardened sterling on my 18g 1/4" byzantine bracelet I made a while back. It began to pull pretty quickly.