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    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    If you have a bastard sword, kukri, (Spanish?) horseman's axe, and a virtually full suit of chainmail then I think that you'll have very little trouble convincing a few squishies to carry the survival gear, in exchange for protection.
  2. Rob MacLennan

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I always suspected that there was a necromancer behind the SCA.
  3. Rob MacLennan

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    In "The Walking Dead" and many of the 'traditional' zombie movies you see the living poking holes in zombie heads with knives, and such, to get in the final killing shot. That's why I tend to think that something along the lines of a rapier wouldn't be too bad. Then again a boar spear would have the same pokey goodness, while also providing crossbars to hold 'em back one at a time. Wouldn't be hard to make an useable equivalent out of scrap.
  4. Rob MacLennan

    other hobbies

    Photography - primarily motorsports/motorcycle racing; did my fourth Blurb book last December Pen & Paper RPGs - D&D 1e/2e/3e/3.5e/Pathfinder/4e, D20 Modern, Savage Worlds, Dark Conspiracy, Star Wars......... Motorcycles - street; used to ride (not race) track, but sold that bike as my knees won't take it anymore Woodworking - trying my hand at designing/making a sword/bow stand; just small stuff and chainmailing tools before that Writing - infrequently, and invariably motorcycle related *EDIT* ... and just added PVC bow making.
  5. Rob MacLennan


    There's a Youtube movie and comic reviewer I follow, who calls herself "Comicbookgirl19", who went to a convention wearing a printer cardboard old-school Robocop costume. Epicness. *WARNING* Not work safe language.
  6. Rob MacLennan

    How do you organize?

    "A pile for everything and everything in its pile." ...or... The sedimentary file system. I use the jewel cases that are carried by TRL for closures, beads, and elements. Rings are in zip-lock bags that are labeled by size, gauge, and material, and then placed in larger zip-lock freezer bags. I carry the lot in a plastic file box with a carrying handle, that I bought at Staples.
  7. Rob MacLennan

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Hence the bastard sword I'm holding in my avatar Lindybeige, Skakkagrim, and Scholagladiatoria have all been taking shots at the katana and two handed sword elitists recently, on Youtube. They get tired of the endless, "But it's the bestest!" Don't discount the number of real or proper reproduction blades that there are, out there. There are also 'fantasy' weapons that are properly forged and tempered, and so would work quite well. My own are reproductions, but tempered. It would take me a few hours to put a proper edge on the bastard sword and rapier (didn't bother making wall hangers dangerous), but the arming sword is sharpened and ready to rock. Theoretically a nice 16 gauge, 1/4" butted aluminum mesh would likely be enough to save your hide against zombies, but more durable would be better for the actual humans that you'd run up against.
  8. Rob MacLennan

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Hard to say, for sure, since the same zombies that come apart like ripe melons when hit and seemingly can't push open a screen door, can magically tear stomachs open when they actually catch someone. Best to err on the side of caution. Well I've got a 4 foot wrecking bar but given the choice between it and my rapier, arming sword, and bastard sword, I would likely go for the bastard sword though the eye-pokey goodness and reach of the rapier is tempting.
  9. Rob MacLennan

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    It's America. Everyone expects to be able to get a bag full of guns and do the zombie killin' from a hundred yards away. And they're right more often than not. I'd be looking for a reel of titanium, some cutters, and a place to hunker down for a week or two. Then again maybe that's it; you can't stay in one place long enough to make the thing? I'm more curious as to why no one has managed to find a sword or two, even a machete, except Michone?