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  1. Rob MacLennan

    Supported straight scale

    ... like embedding it in open-hang 4-in-1, with tension on it.
  2. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    Which is why the location of the electrodes on the TRL welder is particularly good. A roughly 45 degree angle redirects half the force into pinching the ring's gap during welding.
  3. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    I typically don't hold for more than a second or two, but Lorenzo would be the expert.
  4. Rob MacLennan

    Sacle mail waterproof?

    My only experience has been hosing off a finished piece with a soap dispensing car cleaning nozzle and the inside was soaking wet. Then again rain doesn't hit at 90 degrees, under pressure.
  5. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    If they're already reasonably close, then you're minimizing the heavily heated area. I was afraid that you might have them quite far apart.
  6. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    Are your electrodes placed fairly close together, as in the TRL welder?
  7. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    There's likely some form of adjustment hidden in its carcass. Perhaps both duration and strength of pulse. If so, then the 'conversion' would be easy. *EDIT* In my searches I've turned up more than a few Chinese dental welders that have very similar cases to the old TRL welder.
  8. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    I've wondered if something like this might be adaptable to ring welding. https://www.harborfreight.com/120-volt-spot-welder-61205.html
  9. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    I'd say your assumption of high current, low voltage is correct. I don't see any arcing. Thanks for the safety recommendations. I'm usually using darkened safety glasses, if not an actual mask.
  10. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    Couldn't tell you the output current, because it doesn't have a rating for it that I can find. I can tell you that it's rated at 2000W and two quick pulses will blow a 16 gauge mild steel ring like a fuse. It can be tuned with a digital setting over 30 steps from barely a tingle, to melt into slag. This is my video of it in use.
  11. Rob MacLennan

    Question for Welding Mail

    The most common method for ring welding is resistance welding; essentially with a purpose made spot welder. The RingLord used to sell resistance welders (I got one of the last three before they were discontinued), bu some people have built their own using coils from microwave ovens. It can be plenty strong if it's a weld right through the material, but this video shows little more than a tack weld.
  12. Rob MacLennan

    Bracelet. joins

    There are a few possibilities, depending upon what you mean by "big." You could taper down to a single "big" ring on each side and then only use 1 lobster claw, though this would mean the bracelet doesn't have a uniform width. If your rings are sized appropriately you could use magnetic "tube clasps", though these tend to be for smaller rings rather than beefy ones. If the rings are an appropriate size you could use EPDM rubber rings in one of the sizes, thereby making a stretchy bracelet that could be solid, without using a closure.
  13. Rob MacLennan

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    And it's back up now.
  14. Rob MacLennan

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done to fix external links. It looks like their forum is down and that's where the stuff is stored.
  15. Rob MacLennan

    Suitability of TRL SS rings for resistance welding

    I can't speak for their composition but I welded rather a lot of TRL's 5/16". 16 gauge stainless rings for the shirt in my user pic, and I'm still here.
  16. Rob MacLennan

    Methods for attaching scales to leather?

    I've got a project that I've been kicking around for a while, that involves large scales and some 35 year old tooling leather I've had laying about, to turn into bracers for an actor friend. I finally have a scale profile that I'm happy with and now have to figure out how I'll attach the scales to the leather backing. I've had a few ideas but nothing I'm really satisfied with. Since I don't have any extra leather to make another set if I screw up, I thought that I'd first ask how others have done it in the past. So.....?
  17. Rob MacLennan

    Methods for attaching scales to leather?

    Thanks for that. It's one of the methods that I considered though not along the edges, as I've stamped a pattern along it. I'm trying to think of a way that will limit intrusion into the inside of the bracer, to make it as comfortable as possible.
  18. Rob MacLennan

    help with swinging mail

    Well that eliminates one possibility. There are a couple of options then. The first is to properly taper the shirt so that it better conforms to your body, using expansions and contractions, if you haven't already done so. This will mean there's less material to swing loose. The second might be a little counter intuitive; lengthen it. This won't stop it from swinging loose, but it will alter the location that the swing hits to something less sensitive.
  19. Rob MacLennan

    help with swinging mail

    Are you wearing a belt over it?
  20. Rob MacLennan

    Group order Germany/Netherlands

    Well that sucks. I thought that the whole point of paying the extra for UPS Worldwide was that they took care of all the fees.
  21. Rob MacLennan

    Newby question about chainmail suit

    It's not a question of corrosion. Galvanized steel, like fencing wire, has a zinc coating to make it corrosion resistant. It, and annealed wire, are both rather soft and deform more easily over time (meaning more maintenance) than stronger wires do.
  22. Rob MacLennan

    Euro 4-1

    Unfortunately what happened is 6 years. Internet years are like 10X human years. If you check the "Instructions" page on the TRL website you'll see there are a bunch of instructions that are "free with any purchase." https://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=199&cat=Downloadable+Chainmail+Patterns+%2B+Instructions
  23. Rob MacLennan

    Beginner Question about Solder

    Safe? Yes, modern lead free solder would be safe enough to use, however, the composition of your rings is important. If you're using galvanized steel rings then you don't want to heat them, because you'll end up with the "zinc shakes" from zinc poisoning. Solder won't take on metals like aluminum. You may just find it easier to use stronger metals (spring steel, stainless steel), or larger gauge rings. For example 3/8", 12 gauge aluminum rings look pretty beefy and resist pulling open better, over time, but butted ring mail is just plain going to need maintenance at some point anyway.
  24. Rob MacLennan

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    1/8" shirt. Now there's dedication. For pieces at that scale I haven't gone below 1/4".
  25. Rob MacLennan

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    You would think that a mod would know how but after the upgrade, I haven't got a clue. Got to dig into it.