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  1. Stick with the hand and a half. You have a sword, mace, and warhammer with which to slaughter all comers in one package that's barely a pound heavier than the overrated katana, and three to four pounds lighter on average than the two handed version of the claymore. (There was also the basket hilted version, remember?) No I'm not trying to rekindle the old sword flame wars, just saying I prefer to have options...


    Hence the bastard sword I'm holding in my avatar ;)


    Lindybeige, Skakkagrim, and Scholagladiatoria have all been taking shots at the katana and two handed sword elitists recently, on Youtube. They get tired of the endless, "But it's the bestest!"


    I don't know if it matters exactly which sword would be best...it again boils down to availability...If you had, and this is important--a REAL sword-- of any almost any kind, I think that would be among your best options...though avoiding particularly dainty (spearing every zombie you meet in the eye, nasal cavity or mouth might sound like fun but the repeated accuracy required would be ridiculous) or particularly heavy (don't care who you are, swinging a big ass heavy sword against limitless, tireless, and relentless hoards will bring anyone to the point of exhaustion eventually. Remember, mobility is key) In the grand scheme of things, there just aren't that many real swords out there. Hard enough just to find a sword out there. Then, you want it also to not just be a replica of Glamdring that was hanging over someone's mantle as well, but an actual sword created for combat? Good luck. 


    Of course, I'm completely aware that many of you probably do have such real weapons...I suspect a forum like this is really not representative of the national average for sword ownership! Kinda blows the curve, I'd guess. So, if you've got a real sword, well...use it! Not thinking you should abandon it in favor of a crowbar. But you can find a crowbar just about anywhere. Heavy enough to do good damage with a blow or poke, but light enough to not tire you just by carrying it. Never needs sharpening and you won't run out of ammo. Strong enough to bar a door or break through one. Multi-purposed as a tool or weapon to keep your load light and help maintain the ever important mobility. The zombie killing weapon of the average Joe.


    Don't discount the number of real or proper reproduction blades that there are, out there. There are also 'fantasy' weapons that are properly forged and tempered, and so would work quite well. My own are reproductions, but tempered. It would take me a few hours to put a proper edge on the bastard sword and rapier (didn't bother making wall hangers dangerous), but the arming sword is sharpened and ready to rock.


    Theoretically a nice 16 gauge, 1/4" butted aluminum mesh would likely be enough to save your hide against zombies, but more durable would be better for the actual humans that you'd run up against.

  2. Metal armour seems like overkill for zombies, plastic, leather or even thick cloth would do. I once had a pitbull clamp onto my arm through the sleeve of my wool coat but once we got him off of me I didn't have a scratch. Zombies just wouldn't really be much of a threat.


    I figure it would take +/- 15 lbs of welded stainless maille to make someone pretty much zombie proof head to toe, no gambeson required, that's manageable for most people. Swap in hardened leather parts for forearms, elbows, knees and lower legs, you're looking at probably 8-10 lbs and much more functional. You'd also want something like a bike helmet overtop or padding under the coif, and sturdy gloves and boots.


    We have an employee who's a zombie fanatic so this kind of thing get's re-hashed ad nauseum in MailleTec's shop.


    Hard to say, for sure, since the same zombies that come apart like ripe melons when hit and seemingly can't push open a screen door, can magically tear stomachs open when they actually catch someone. Best to err on the side of caution.


    Red Beard...propps on the crow bar reference, but if recall, in the same chapter the author gives the machete a pretty decent rating (though not perfect, for the reason you mention), as well as a really nice rating for an  actual katana (i.e. not a repro).


    Also, a character in the sequel WWZ finds and uses a katana with pretty excellent results...


    Still, I've got a crowbar or two laying around pretty handy...unfortunately no katana  :confused:


    Well I've got a 4 foot wrecking bar but given the choice between it and my rapier, arming sword, and bastard sword, I would likely go for the bastard sword though the eye-pokey goodness and reach of the rapier is tempting.

  3. It's America. Everyone expects to be able to get a bag full of guns and do the zombie killin' from a hundred yards away. And they're right more often than not. I'd be looking for a reel of titanium, some cutters, and a place to hunker down for a week or two. Then again maybe that's it; you can't stay in one place long enough to make the thing?


    I'm more curious as to why no one has managed to find a sword or two, even a machete, except Michone?