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  1. gecko

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    I have an etsy shop that is also quite slow on sales. Since you have to pay to list items, I do a search first and only list my item if I don't see anything too similar on the first few pages of the search. That cuts down on the competative pricing aspect. I like having the etsy shop to put on my business cards for craft sales so people can find me again and hopefully buy more stuff. However, to sell a larger quantity, craft sales are probably the way to go because I've sold more per year at the one miniscule craft sale I go to than the whole year on etsy, and I'm not a particularly outgoing person either. In summary, I've made money selling things on etsy, but compared to how fast I make new jewelry and buy rings, it's pretty much insignificant.
  2. gecko

    Tips, Tricks and Advice on doing shows?

    I've done a few small shows, and have been having issues with pricing things. Not how much to charge, but how to let customers know how much each item costs. What methods work well, and if you use a tag, do you put any other info on it? I'm mostly asking about bracelets and necklaces, since earrings can be put on cards.
  3. gecko

    small black AA scales

    I have some older black AA scales from a mixed bag that are black on the concave side and grey on the convex, but all the pictures on the website show them the opposite way. I have a commission for lotus flower candle skirts, so are they still anodized with the black on the concave side? Thanks.