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  1. novacatt

    Inlay help please

    @Chainmailbasket Thanks for all your help. I'll be getting some new rings in soon to do this. You've clarified everything nicely for me thanks. @twilightbanana It was anodised not bright aluminium. I bought a bunch of coloured rings to make HP4-1 braclets but the anodising isnt complete on some rings although its only 20-30 out of a 500 pack. Seems to be worse in the black I've attached a picture, purple on the top line, black on the bottom As I'm beginning I'm not too bothered and the price was much cheaper than UK suppliers
  2. novacatt

    Inlay help please

    Thats not information overload at all - its really useful thanks. My current sources are beadsisters.co.uk and queenring.com, queen ring are much much cheaper but the quality of the anodizing on BA is terrible! I'd love to buy from TRL but the shipping is a reall killer $30 at least. When I travel I'll get some bits sent to the US to the hotel where I stay. I'm looking to get the 3/4 persion wrapping kit. Beadsisters have the 20g and 16g you mention 20g 3/32 http://www.beadsisters.co.uk/pages/jumpringsalcol081.htm 16g 3/16 http://www.beadsisters.co.uk/pages/jumpringsalcol129.htm Queenring is more on the metric side 1.2mm x 4.2mm whcih gives an AR of 3.5 http://thequeenring.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4_11_15&sort=20a&page=3 I'm right in thinking that using the 20g rings if the inlay is 40 rings square I'll be looking at roughly 4 inches square? N
  3. novacatt

    Inlay help please

    Right, I've seen some wonderful inlays especially the Porsche logo one. I want to try something a lot smaller but I'm getting so confused with ring sizes, metric vs imperial and rings actually available in the uk, europe and the us. I want to make a Fleur de Lis for my wife to be attached to the outside of her leather work folio, which is A4, (297 x 210 mm or 11.7 x 8.3 in) There's a perfect starter image in IGP which ends up being 40 rings square using about 2000 in all. Whats going to be the best ring size for a e-4-1? I want it to cover the folio well, but still be tight so you can see the design Nova
  4. novacatt

    Crystals and Chainmaille

    Just got it for Christmas. Havent got all the aspect ratios right with the rings I have. Some of the triangle ones wont hang correctly Nova
  5. novacatt

    Crystals and Chainmaille

    Scott David Plumlee uses lots of beads and things on bead cables. Lots of byzantine have a look at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chain-Bead-Jewelry-Geometric-Connections/dp/0823033392/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356548078&sr=8-1 you can look inside the book and see if it gives you some ideas HTH Nova
  6. novacatt

    Porsche Logo Finished!

    That's absolutley brilliant! How did you go about planning it? I'd love to attempt something smaller but I have no idea where to start Nova
  7. novacatt

    Captive inverted ring start, first time

    Thanks Daemon. It happens that I had the rings and I thought I'd try it. I was looking for something else to make and thought CIR, awesome. Every cage and its certainly useless for jewelry purposes. Thanks for your advice. Nova
  8. novacatt

    Captive inverted ring start, first time

    It's not too tight. If you put a captive each cage it's completely solid, but leaving one open gives enough movement. The rings are 1.2mm by 6.7mm which I believe is 16ga from the queenring.com not the greatest quality but epically cheap. I looked at mailleartisans and the minimum AR for 2 captives is 5.5, which is what I have here, or at least I think I do. Did a great hp-4-1 in black and rainbow ring colours, need to post that one but I'm away from the computer and don't want to get slated for posting massive uber scrolling pictures! :-) Nova
  9. novacatt

    Captive inverted ring start, first time

    I'm really glad I found this thread. I've been swearing at this for a long time. Had some time at Christmas to spend on CIR. Is this right? I know I have some pretty horrible closures on there. The last lot were only good for the bin after being opened and closed so much after I struggled with them. Nova
  10. novacatt

    How do you work?

    I've got both cats and a small child so I end up working on a tray table on my knees like some others here, but I usually work out of the bags of rings one at a time so that work can be put away quickly. Really interesting to see what people are using to work on. I usually find it hurts my back after a while Nova
  11. novacatt

    Pricing your works

    Its really good to hear everyones thoughts. My problem is that if I apply my real job hourly rate to this I really will end up pricing myself out of the market. I love this as a hobby, and nice things to make for my wife, I'd like to get some money out of it to pay for new patterns, rings and tools
  12. novacatt

    Beginning Steps

    It does thanks, I actually thought I'd spotted it when I was looking for other poor ring closures that others were suggesting. I'm guessing i forgot to double the closure when I closed the loop. Thanks
  13. novacatt

    Beginning Steps

    Well, thanks to all. Some good comments there. I wouldnt have asked if I didnt want some constructive criticism. More work on the closures is needed. Thanks again Nova
  14. novacatt

    Beginning Steps

    I've not been at this long, and I'm making mostly from kits, but I'd like to hear from everyone to see how they think my work is coming along. This was the first thing I made for my wife E-4-1 Cuff in enameled copper actual id 4mm (5/32") 0.81mm (20AWG) E-4-1 Earrings increasing/decreasing enamelled copper jump rings, id 3.2mm, 0.81mm (20AWG) wire A recent kit piece - called Celtic Byzantine Star, 6mm moonstone beads (shamelessly stolen from my wifes beading supplies as I didnt like the green ones supplied with the kit) Kit says 18ga 3.5mm bronze for the byzantine and 14ga 5.5mm for the centre but doesnt specify AWG or SWG (sorry, I dont have my calipers to had or I'd measure them) Finally my first commision for a colleagues wife. Simple E-6-1 in bright aluminium 6.9mm ID, 1.29mm All comments/criticism greatfully accepted. Nova