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  1. raziel388

    Which cutters are best?

    have tried craft wire but its not really usable unless its a very heavy guage wire and small ring size. as for cutting for jewlery i would say a saw as well can get them for cheap and as long as you take precausions and set up something to catch the dust it wont make a mess
  2. raziel388

    Metal Mind

    reminds me of something you would see in a modern art galarey. one question what did you use to make the casting. been thinking about making a casting to help with fitting peices for my wife
  3. raziel388

    Completed: Tungsten HP4-1 Bracelet

    very nice. good job on the closures seeing as how large the kerf was and how hard tungsten is to work with. wonder if tubeling would remove some of the burring or if the metal is to hard for it to make much difference
  4. raziel388

    Got my rings and OH GOD MY HANDS!

    had pain when i started up again after about 8 years of not doing mail as well what i did was get some of the weaved cloth gloves. (really cheap here in japan but should only be a few dollars for a package of a few). cut the fingers off the thumb and index finger to make things easier. adds a little bit of padding but not so much that your hands dont develop calouses. after about a month no longer needed them.
  5. raziel388

    other hobbies

    mostly just a gear head spend most of my time working on cars, missing my GC8 impreza at the moment mostly just because i'm breaking the motor down for storage. other than cars i like wood working and video games
  6. raziel388

    Done with my one project for the year

    i like to idea of the table top. i am nowhere near skilled enough to make something that elaborate but i may have to make something about 12"x30" or so for a coffee table top. great job on the finished product it is a true work of art
  7. raziel388

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    you can get metal poisioning from pretty much any wire but it takes alot of prolonged contact, but the wire you are looking at may not be solid but flux core depending on what type of welder it is intended to be used with.
  8. raziel388

    Beginning Steps

    sorry if it sounded like i was being nitpickey, just seems like the one ring on the end would catch more easily because its more likely to move freely and stick out further than the others
  9. raziel388

    My washer and dryer have a new purpose...

    I live in Japan and most all driers here are top load but I will need to give this a shot it looks very promising
  10. raziel388

    Beginning Steps

    I myself haven't been doing mail that long but it looks like the last ring on the bracelet isn't completely flush, being at the end it may snag a shirt sleeve a bit