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  1. cfox248

    Made my first Dreamcatcher

    It's linked here, on my Etsy account: https://www.etsy.com/listing/205319400/amethyst-chainmaille-dreamcatcher?
  2. cfox248

    Made my first Dreamcatcher

    Thank you! I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Still for sale, just listed it last weekish sometime.
  3. cfox248

    Made my first Dreamcatcher

    And boy was it enraging! I didn't really think about the inner rings being of a proper size for the piece to be tight in the middle and not sag when it was hanging, but not too tight to make. I ended up taking apart and replacing the size of the small rings connecting to the center larger rings several times before I found a good size. I'd love to do more but I don't know how up I am for the trial and error of inner ring sizing to get the perfect tightness again! Overall I am very happy. It's made with mostly aluminum, but the small rings holding onto the center Tree of Life ring are stainless for added strength there. I made the tree of life with copper wire and amethyst shards. I'm very pleased with it. Still trying to figure out how to price it... I didn't keep track of how much I worked on it, since it was a lot here and some there, and lots of taking apart and putting back together... I have it at $50. Is that reasonable? Pictures are linked below, as the pics are too big to upload directly http://imgur.com/a/lazDz
  4. cfox248

    New springs for pliers

    I just bought a pair of cheapo pliers and stole the springs from it, and put them in my semi good pliers. Of course though, then the springs are the quality of the cheaper pliers, and is probably a temporary fix.
  5. cfox248

    Captive Inverted Round frustration

    I actually really like how those look, with the intermittent beads! I will 100% have to do that. 1000%. Loving it! I even have the ring sizes for it. I know my next project I also do like knowing how to make corners with the roundmaille - I was thinking about trying out some structural stuff with it and that will help immensely. I do still want to know the secrets behind the captive round with 2 captive if anyone knows it, haha.
  6. So today I went on my quest to make a captive inverted round with 2 captive rings (Or 3), as I personally don't care too much for the look of them with 1 (Though I am okay with alternating). I grabbed some 18g 1/4 and went to it, and found that capturing 2 rings made it so stiff it wouldn't bend. So I backed up and tried it with alternating 2 captive and 1 captive, and it became able to bend, but not enough for a bracelet - which is what I want to make. I had read that that size ring should work, so this was rather irritating. All of my googling is being minimally helpful. Ideally i'd like the bracelet to not be completely huge in diameter - the 18g 1/4 was perfect - so the 16g 5/16 I see recommended is just too big I would think (Who is going to want that chunky thing on their wrist?) - if someone has a picture of one made in that size It's be nice to check it out. Can somebody provide a list of possible ring sizes? Nothing is more frustrating than getting partway through a project and realizing it won't work. I would even be okay with using different diameter rings if I have to (and if I have them), though of course ideally they'd be the same size. I so wanted the 18g 1/4 to work! I have SO many of those, haha. And if anyone's got pictures of theirs as examples, I'd love to see them!
  7. Thanks! A chart is a good idea, I think I will start looking into making one. And labeling my bags with the additional info. I do have a caliper floating around somewhere, just gotta dig it out....
  8. So, I've recently finally been able to start weaving seriously, rather than just when I have time to do so between classes. I find myself still struggling with ring sizing. I'll see a project I want to do, and just sort of... eyeball it and guess what size rings might work out of my stash. Sometimes I can find one that says what size is needed, but usually I just go for it and try it to see if it will work with the sized I picked. How long before you can just look at a project and be like oh, I'll need X gauge 5/16 and Y gauge 1/4 for this project. It makes it hard to shop for rings, too, just because I'm so bad with what sizes are good for what. I've got a ton of rings, but the last few projects I have tried making fell through because after maybe an hour of trying out different sizes of rings, I'll find I just don't have the right combination to do so. I also still am all baffled by AR/ID/OD, etc. I know the concept of it, but I can't just look at something and apply it. My method is trial and error and I'm wondering if it will ever get easier!
  9. cfox248

    What ring size is this?

    Thank you everyone! I can't say I like their system of sizing at all. It's like they went out of their way to make it as difficult as possible. Was I a complete beginner, it likely would have turned me away from starting to try and weave because it's pretty confusing. The chart idea is good too. I haven't done tons of weaves in different sizes yet, but I'll have to start documenting how different ones look with different ring sizes and all that. Then it'll be less crazy trying to guess a size.
  10. cfox248

    What ring size is this?

    Hey all! So, I'm making a dragonscale necklace for a friend of mine. I sent her a few images, asking about how tight she wanted the weave. I linked to this image, and she said the loved and wanted the middle one. http://www.spiderchain.com/images/samples/inch/dragonscale2.jpg ...Thing is, I just found that floating around online and I can't make heads or tails of the numbers at the bottom. I'm relatively new to this and I can't just tell based on looking and get a good idea of ring sizes. Can any of you look and give me an estimated ring size? And if you've made anything with this type of ring ratio, could you post a picture? Thanks!
  11. cfox248

    Creating a respectable booth for events

    How do you guys handle money when it comes to shows? People are bound to pay with larger bills, and you'll need change. Do you just bring a bunch of smaller bills and change with you? How much usually?
  12. cfox248

    unlabeled ring packages?

    Now that I know that they can come unlabeled, I will put a note in my order to please label. AND check them against the invoice. Rookie mistake.
  13. cfox248

    unlabeled ring packages?

    I know, but I already took all of my rings out of the box. I dumped it onto the floor the moment I opened it. Thus, the order of packaging wouldn't help me even with the invoice, because they're already all mixed up. I could see the order on the invoice slip, but now that the bags of rings were dumped from the box, I can't see how that would help me. Had I not already taken them out, I could definitely use that and check off each item as I take the ring bags out. I think I've got it all figured out anyways, after process of elimination.
  14. cfox248

    unlabeled ring packages?

    I did, but I'd already dumped them out and looked through everything lol
  15. cfox248

    Guide on Tumbling

    Someone recommended tumbling in fine beach sand once, or to shake it in a glass jar with the rings. I have an abundance of fine beach sand (I collected some from the shore of Lake Superior once and I still have quite a bit of it.) Would that do anything? It kind of made sense, but I don't know much about tumbling.