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  1. katklause

    Could use some tips on making rings

    Try a welding shop to find wire locally. -kat
  2. katklause

    Needed: Someone with an oven.

    Also try looking for local glass artists. As they will have kilns as well. There is a set up on Fire Mountain Gems website that has the torch set up as well. Gem wise, add them gems after the piece is fired in a kiln or with a torch. About the only thing that most suggest to add then fire are cubic zirconia. -kat
  3. katklause

    Good "General" Length

    This used to be answered in the FAQ part of the forum. But it has been deleted. Here are some good links to answer these questions: http://shopping-tools.reeds.com/RingAndJewelrySizeCharts.html http://www.firemountaingems.com/encyclobeadia/beading_resources.asp?docid=6731 http://www.firemountaingems.com/asktheexperts/previousquestions.asp?kwsearch=askmeascat -kat
  4. katklause

    Need a wiresmith

    I'm not in central OH, but in the Cleveland area. Do you know what she wants and the timeframe? -kat
  5. katklause

    how to making a cab wrap button?

    You can also just buy plain button shanks. A simple google search should give you some options. Or simply go wander through the button aisle of your local fabric store. -kat
  6. katklause

    Units of Measure

    dl is slightly less than 1/2 cup cl is about 2 teaspoons Make sure your egg whites are at room temp before you start! good luck- -kat
  7. katklause

    Loritone tumbler ruined jewelry

    http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=35539&highlight=tumbler Here are some other suggestions to try. There were more threads about this phenomenon, but it looks like they are gone. Try contacting Lortone as well, perhaps they would have some suggestions. It really shouldn't matter what type of metal you put in there. -kat
  8. katklause

    Work in Progress (micro)

    Okay, Legba had my first guess...belt. So since I can't figure out in my head how big this thing is....this might be a bit much, but how about a headband. Gives up... -kat
  9. katklause

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    http://www.flatstanleyproject.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_Stanley
  10. katklause

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    I did this for my niece a few years back...we took flat stanley to the rock and roll hall of fame. My sister and I never laughed so hard in our life, running around with Stanley. I sorry I can't help you right now, but I encourage everyone else to do it...it's a good laugh. -kat
  11. katklause

    That stuff

    Most people use tool magic. You can purchase it through various jewelry suppliers. Two forum members also carry it on their websites: BlueBuddha and MotorcyleMama (MetalDesignz) http://www.metaldesignz.com/toolmagic.html http://www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/supplies/tools/index.php http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?BN=2055TL http://www.jewelrysupply.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=12559 And a tutorial of how to apply the stuff: http://www.ilovethiscolor.com/thujandin/Tutorials/ToolMagic.pdf -kat
  12. katklause

    Wrapping Cabs

    http://www.maileofthedreamseeker.com/instructions/ This seems to be one of the only links I can find that works. -kat
  13. katklause

    light box

    http://www.tabletopstudio.com/ http://mkdigitaldirect.com/tips/jewelry_photography_tips.html http://www.spiderchain.com/custom/photo_tutorial.shtml http://www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com/photographing-jewelry.html http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/directory/library/subject/9 http://www.silversmithing.com/1photo.htm There is some reading for you that may help. For the blurry pics. Use the TIMER! That will help you determine if it's a focus issue. It sounds silly, but when you are zooming in the smallest amount of movement can ruin the pic (even pressing the shutter.) I suggest a tripod and the use of the timer, but setting the camera on a stable surface should work too. Also, read your camera owner's manual and learn to use your camera in the manual mode....not the auto mode. A little trial and error should produce some decent shots. -kat
  14. katklause

    Having a really bad day

    I am glad that the wifey is okay. Hope you have a better day today hun! -kat
  15. katklause

    So Happy

    Congrats! Just an FYI, GLRF is really expensive....and there are a lot of rules...and very long! You can look at their vendor info on their website. I debated about this a few years back, but eventually decided against it. Good luck if you apply. What part of OH are you in, or are you in PA? -kat