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  1. Eduardo Barron

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    The issue was resolved with a plier change. We worked with Tronex to improve their design for our use. There was no activity on the thread because it was resolved. We now have years of experience with these and LOVE them.
  2. Eduardo Barron

    Mars Insight

    Back in 2013 TheRingLord worked with MailleTec Industries and JPL Laboratories to create custom scales for a shield for the Mars Insight mission. For our original post in 2013: They will be used to shield a seismograph on the Mars Insight mission! (<-- I'm a scifi geek - LOVING this!) We worked with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL - NASA) to design a small thin frost colored anodized aluminum scale. They are 42% lighter than our standard aluminum scales. We are selling the left overs - you can find them here as the current small scale special at the bottom of the page. JPL then took those scales and anodized them to their specifications. You can see more pics and more info here http://mailletec.com/news

    © JPL Laboratories

  3. Eduardo Barron

    AA rings are breaking. Any advice?

    Tighter rings take more skill to open - if you are getting a stress mark likely you are only seeing it on darker colors because it is easier to see. This is due to placement of pliers opposite each other which puts all the bend in 1 location on the ring. Use less plier surface on the ring like a chain nose instead of a wide nose. Breakage can occur simply from plier placement as noted above. It can also occur from over bending the ring - opening it too far or opening and closing too many times. This is again an issue with tighter AR rings.
  4. Eduardo Barron

    Anodized Aluminum

    We are working on making things smooth and easy for everyone. The process before was not smooth nor easy and in some cases we lost money because of it. Thank you.
  5. Eduardo Barron

    Anodized Aluminum

    Talen. This process is currently being changed. It is my #1 job and has been for weeks. This is the reason we are not able to give oyu a clear and easy anser - becasue I am spending my job making that answer and I don't have it yet. before this we have been making custom rings without paying attention to our costs. In many cases we made rings for less than our cost. I am working on a solution to make Jodey's job and your job getting the answer to this much much easier. But for now it has to go thru me and I look into things and then get back to Jodey and her to you. I am making daily progress on this project and getting much closer to a solution making this easy for all. In short - Jodey doesn't have these answers yet - I am changing current policy and procedure.
  6. Eduardo Barron

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    J_Hart The strip for this product is on order from our supplier. I'm sorry you feel we have been misleading you. We ran out of the strip and it needed to be ordered and made for us and then shipped to us. As soon as that strip is in house we will be making the SCALEAALG-BLK Our supplier told us August for the material...twice...I have sent a request today for a better answer.
  7. Eduardo Barron

    CEO Bernice

    Today I’m publicly announcing that I, Bernice, have bought out Jon Daniels and that he is no longer a co-owner of TheRingLord. I have been a co-founder and owner of TheRingLord - since day one - over 20 years ago! I took over the role of CEO in January and bought out Jon’s share of the business - making me >91% owner. Grant still holds the remainder of ownership and the role of COO - managing the factory and day to day operations. Jon consults for us, providing information to make this a seamless transition. I am excited to continue my role as a leader in this wonderful community! I have a mission statement to share and projects in the works and I want to re-introduce you, over the next few days, to the wonderful team that makes up TheRingLord ... because we are a team! You are our a big part of that team - our community! I hope you will all support me on this journey with the excitement we are feeling at TRL. I love providing inspiration and I intend to continue to evolve TheRingLord - as I have always done - improving offerings, service and processes. As always I greatly appreciate the support you - my community - have shown me over the years. I am very grateful for your support in this step! Please join me in congratulating Jon, as he moves on to new adventures, and in thanking him for his contribution to our community. Bernice - TheRingLord Founder, CEO, VTMO* *Very Thrilled Majority Owner
  8. Eduardo Barron

    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Work in process. Please check back in about a week. You can email customer service directly in the mean time and we will try to get this info to you quicker.
  9. Eduardo Barron

    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Ti20332 is discontinued - we will only be offering the saw cut version. SXTI20332
  10. Eduardo Barron

    Aluminum and Steel WIRE

    It only affects steel and Aluminum. It does not affect AA nor ANYTHING ELSE. ALL things affects have a note on the site.
  11. Eduardo Barron

    Aluminum and Steel WIRE

    As of June 1st 2018 the United States has implemented tariffs on our Aluminum and Steel WIRE that is not from the US. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT RINGS OR SCALES - IT DOES NOT AFFECT ALMOST EVERYTHING WE SELL AND NOTHING WE MAKE. The products affected and details are: All aluminum wire we sell AS WIRE - NOT INCLUDING 16g - will be subject to a 10% duty. Our 16g Aluminum wire is currently a US made good. All mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel wire we sell AS WIRE will be subject to a 25% duty All duty will be charged to US customers only directly. This invoicing does not come from us and may also include a brokerage or handling charge by the shipping company (eg UPS) -- > NO RINGS ARE AFFECTED <-- -- > NO SCALES ARE AFFECTED <-- -- > NOTHING ELSE IS AFFECTED <-- ALL AFFECTED ITEMS HAVE A NOTE ON THE SITE SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR DETAILS IF YOU WISH. steel-aluminum tariffs.pdf
  12. Eduardo Barron

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Sorry - mistake. I will fix. It is not available in bulk.
  13. Eduardo Barron

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Within 1 week. Our Toronto facility ran out of 18g stainless wire. As Jon said - you can always get customer service to add it to an order. Just put a note in the comments area.
  14. Eduardo Barron


    16g Bronze is now Silicon Bronze. See this post
  15. This post is intended to help you sort through options if you have a deadline of Christmas day. For this deadline I'm assuming you want the parcel to arrive on/by the 22nd. We will ship using the shipping service you request. We will ship as soon as the items are ready or as soon as we get to your order in the pile (remember a varying number of people are ahead of you). Read below to make sure you choose the best options for your needs. We don't like "You ruined Christmas" emails when we just shipped your order as soon as it was ready using the service you requested. :-( You can see all the details of our options and rates at this link at any time. http://theringlord.c...ippingrates.asp Important notes: We can still get a parcel to you - there are many options below! You have not left it too long! Travel Times depend on where you live and are business days (Mon-Fri). Do not count Sat and Sun as days that your parcel will move - it may and it may not. If you are cutting it close with your shipping speed and your deadline is firm - please pay for rush service for preparation. This bumps you to the top of the pile. Preparation Times depend on items you ordered. Everyone is in a rush this time of year - the only people that are bumped to the top of the pile are the people that pay for the rush preparation. We have varying orders for varying amounts preparations times are always just an estimate. On Monday we start with orders starting from Friday so there is always a longer leadtime for orders placed in the latter half of the week. If your order is a Christmas order please put a note in the comments area - this will help us prioritize it if there is a delay with an item. Please keep in mind stuff happens - if there is a problem in transit and a parcel is delayed (plane issue, weather, anything) the best we can get you is refund on your shipping if it is not an act of God delay. We will be shipping up to and including the 22nd. Last pick up before xmas for USPS is the 22nd. Our factory will only be closed December 25th, 26th and January 1st. Check your email! If there is an issue with your order we email - if you do not reply it slows your order considerably. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Americans Most economical and slower choices: BEST OPTION USPS First Class and USPS Priority - 2-3 business days in transit. Places closer to NY are faster and CA will be the 3 days. One thing to keep in mind is that if your order shows it shipped say Monday it will not get into USPS's hands until Tuesday bright an early (like 6 am). This is because we have to drive it across the border and drop it off at USPS. This is why we list priority as 2-3 days. USPS actually lists it as 1-2 (or 3). Cut of for USPS: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to Dec 20th Our new USPS services has extended the holiday deadline for our US customers by over a week! UPS Brokerage Free Standard: 7-12 business days in transit. UPS can be 5 to places like NY, SD, PA places closer to us. It is closer to the 10-12 business day range for places like TX, CA. We are experiencing faster service this year from UPS but I don't have enough data to have people rely on it for the holidays. I can say that service to NY area has been within about 3 days and other places within about 5. Cut off for these services: your order must SHIP by Dec 8 to Dec 15 (depending on where you live and the precise service). UPS Expedited: 2-3 business day in transit Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to 20th. UPS Express Overnight: 1 business day in transit Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 21st. If UPS is working in your area on the 24th you may be able to squeak in the order and have it ship the 23rd. Canadians UPS Express: this is overnight to MOST places. It can be longer if you are in a remote area. If the UPS brown truck shows up at your door it is likely 1 business day. If its a contracted courier it will be longer and it depends on your exact location. Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18th to 21st. Xpresspost: Approx. 1-3 business days in transit (can be longer for remote areas) Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 18-21st Expedited Post: Approx. 1-7 business days in transit (can be longer for remote areas) Cut off for this service: The cut off depends on where you are - your order must SHIP by Dec 15th if you are farther away. Everyone Else It of course depends very much on where you are. UPS Worldwide Express: 2-5 business days in transit. Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 16th - 18th. Xpresspost (postal service): Approx. 8-15 business days in transit Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 9th USPS Priority (US postal service): Approx. 6-10 business days in transit Cut off for this service: your order must SHIP by Dec 14th at the latest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy a gift certificate! They ship are electronic and arrive in seconds. A great alternative if you accidentally leave it too long is a gift certificate. They are emailed and arrive instantly! Gift certificates are a great choice if you have no idea what to buy as well. The receiver can decide for themselves what will work for the projects they have been scheming! You can buy them here http://theringlord.c...iftcertificates Also on this page is a link to a pdf that you can print and put in a card if you prefer. Just email the gift certificate to yourself and give the gift number and instructions. Please note: a human has to look at your order to authorize a gift certificate. Please don't place the order and then have the person try to use the gift certificate immediately - it will not work. It will be authorized the next business day. Last note - remember there are lots of holiday days between Dec 25th and Jan 2nd - this delays orders during this window as well. Our staff are working between Dec 25th and Jan 2nd so the delays should be minimal and depend mostly on couriers. Soooo much info... I hope your brain didn't explode. Have a great holiday season!