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  1. I'm launching our new site in the AM! Here comes mobile!

  2. We're hiring! We have 1 manufacturing position open in Toronto. For details on the position and how to apply see this link http://bit.ly/1ENedmK Best of luck!

  3. Monday Feb 16th is a holiday at TRL. We will be enjoying the long weekend with family.

  4. We're excited to be caught up on orders after our move! Normal lead times or faster now! Plus of course the fast USPS shipping to the US!

  5. Well we're settling in nicely to the new place. We are caught up on orders. Not announcing everywhere at once so we are not flooded!

  6. Please note we are busy packing/moving and unpacking our factory right now. If you ask a question there will likely be a delay in response.

  7. Please vote for Duane Leicht's awesome maille jersey to help win him a car! --> http://www.cfl.ca/nissan

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Remember that you can go back and vote every day.

  8. New laser etched product categories! http://bit.ly/1pYpPNk

  9. Ray Grossman - the maker of the jumpringer - passed away at age 84 last week. Our condolences to his family.

  10. I have never posted this on a Monday ever - we are super caught up! Place an order now and its like free rush!

    1. talon420


      must be the new cyborgs working in shipping/receiving....

    2. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      I agree the cyborgs are rocking TRL! They have assimilated the entire shop though - not just shipping now!

  11. Soo excited TRLIS is finally live! We have upgraded our entire business to Cyborgs! http://bit.ly/1on6qqB

  12. Finally get to admit our scales are in the Hobbit!!!!! woohooo

  13. We're having a Black Friday TO Cyber Monday 4 day sale! Get 30% MORE off All beads, chain + findings - details here http://bit.ly/181mKER

  14. Happy Thanksgivukkah from the TRL team.

  15. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  16. I tweet EVERYTHING that is added to our site WHEN its added. Please follow on twitter to get your info ASAP! I only FB post the big things. I post most things on the forum.

    1. calisandra


      but you always post them when I have no money...oh wait that is most of the time lately...drat. I really like those pale yellow rings...

  17. Happy long weekend everyone! Monday is a holiday here.

  18. We make about 1 MILLION rings/scales per DAY. wow! I had to get this info for a project I'm doing - thought I'd share.

  19. Are you attending TRL Maille School? I'm tweeting tons of info over the next day. Review, share & favorite them all https://twitter.com/TheRingLordcom

  20. oooo brain wave - gotta go catch that one it looks good.

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    2. calisandra


      oh those never bode well for our bank accounts.

    3. Brimley's Mom
    4. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      playing with a tutorial design but it still needs tweaking

  21. Happy birthday to our plant manager Chris! and happy 16th anniversary to Jon and myself!

    1. bikepartjewelry


      Happy 16th! And Happy bday Chris!

    2. madd-vyking


      Congrats and Happy Happy!!

  22. Happy Canada Day hosers!

  23. Reminder its a long weekend here at TRL! So no shipments will ship Monday. We're super caught up though + should stay that way Tues.