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  1. coffeeaddict

    Spring Stainless Ring Sizes

    If I may ask what kind of weapon are you expecting to get hit with? Blunt (like an SCA heavy chivalric rataan stick) or an edged weapon like a live steel sword? It's just that maille is much more effective against the latter.
  2. coffeeaddict

    What's in a name?

    I had a bout of depression in younger years...afterwards I more or less lived in coffee shops all the time to rebuild people skills. I thought the name 'coffeeaddict' fit. I'm also a code monkey by trade...so a pot of coffee and several packets of instant oatmeal is always required in the morning to keep focus.
  3. coffeeaddict

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    Thanks. Yeah about 7 years ago I played with the SS 16ga 5/16" stuff...I used one of those for the queen ring on the bag and it was actually a struggle (although given that the teeth were worn off that pair of pliers). My hands have gotten really soft. The TI was a really nice material to work with...kind of at that perfect spot where it is strong enough to not fall apart on me and yet still not require a lot of effort to weave.
  4. coffeeaddict

    mixing fine silver with nobium?

    I am thinking about making a choker or bracelet with a mix of anodized nobium and fine silver...some questions: 1. Will chemicals used to remove the tarnish on the silver eat away the oxide layer on the nobium (stripping away the color)? If so, how can I avoid that and still remove tarnish safely? 2. I was thinking of using 18ga 5/32'' fine silver rings...assuming those dimensions...if the piece sees moderate use do I need to solder/fuse the rings to keep them from pulling apart? I don't have much experience with silver. 3. Zlosk's table (see http://www.zlosk.com/maille/artable.html) says an AR of 3.5 is ideal for two connector byzantine...can anyone vouch for that? Thanks for any replies...
  5. coffeeaddict

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    I finished the bag...so I thought I'd ressurect the post. I still need to get a slide lock for the coord that closes the top but the rest is done. Comments, feedback, advice welcome:
  6. coffeeaddict

    Conventions (Goers and Planners)

    I volunteered to do the website for a small local con a few year back. The convention did happen (about 300-500 customers) but many of our guests and volunteers were disgruntled because of bad management and last minute planning. Kind of like a train wreck in slow motion. As webmaster my biggest gripes were: 1. Information came slowly and in huge waves. I would have zero information to post, then all the sudden I was overwhelmed. 2. Late (or no) feedback and inconsistent/incomplete requirements. I would post information on the website...then a month later later I would get a wave of complaints because it was not presented in the right way, I misunderstood what the requirements were, the information they gave me in the beginning was wrong or incomplete, etc...and they would get angry with me even though they could not be bothered to look at what I uploaded a few days or even a week after that job was done. 3. Inconsistent/fractured leadership. Hard to be motivated to do a good job when the con-chair cannot be bothered to show up for meetings on time and there is drama over who is actually running the convention and who has what responsibliities. My advice to you based on some of the mistakes that I observed... 1. Treat your volunteers well so that they will come back next year. If the job that you ask them to do is tedious or boring (like playing security guard with artwork) then rotate them in shifts so that they aren't doing the same job through the whole con. Make a point of thanking them for their time towards the end of the convention. 2. Be on-time and consistent with the information you give out to other members of the committee and volunteers. 3. Make sure you delegate authority if you need to. Don't try to do everything yourself. 4. If there is a leadership dispute keep it professional. Don't share it with volunteers or staff. Backstabbing and drama erodes confidence.
  7. coffeeaddict

    other hobbies

    I play role playing games...Pathfinder mostly. I'm really looking forward to OwlCon next month. I'm looking at getting back into the SCA and chilvaric stick fighting so I can get some exercise and meet some other locals into chainmaille. I used to be into shooting before the whole mess happened in new england. Now it's becoming a challenge finding ammunition because all of the hoarding and panic-buying going on. I hope I'll still have my benelli and AR four years from now. Seems doubtful. It was fun while it lasted...
  8. coffeeaddict

    New User Thread

    I used to be an active member on this forum and did a few simple projects (coif, inlay checkerboard, mantle) about 7 years ago while I was in the SCA. Got back into chainmaille recently because I need something semi-mindless to do with my hands after work.
  9. coffeeaddict

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    Thanks for all of the replies. The rings came in the mail on wensday and I got started on the bag last night...decided to use the "coif" method with the queen ring at the bottom and the other rings expanding outward. I couldn't find much info on any other method for the bag. So I've got a single 5/16" ring as the queen ring and the 3/16" 18 gauge TI machine cut rings for the bag. The TI colors are quite beautiful...and despite the expense I think I will order more later. I'll post a picture here when the bag is finished.
  10. I would like to make an anodized titanium dice bag with E4 in 1 weave...my problem is that I'm not sure what aspect ratio is appropriate. I'm looking at these two ring sizes: Machine Cut Titanium 18ga 3/16'' ID (AR of 4.4) Saw Cut Titanium 18ga 3/16'' ID (AR of 4.1) I read that an AR of 4 is ideal for E4in1. Is an AR of 4.4 close enough to work for a dice bag? I know the saw cut AR of 4.1 is probably ideal but the saw cut is much more expensive than the machine cut. My question is...will a difference in AR of 0.3 be a problem?