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  1. ChadoCat

    Bronze Basket

    Thank you I think she uses it for coins
  2. ChadoCat

    Bronze Basket

    A small basket I made for my wife. All bronze. The walls are Dragonscale 16ga 5/16in and 18ga 3/16in. The bottom is Japanese 16ga 3/16in and TRL round scales. The trim is TRL round "tags" attached with 16ga 3/16in.
  3. 6in diameter window/wall hanging. Random project with random rings and sizes.
  4. ChadoCat

    Celtic Star Pentacle

    A 4 inch pentacle made from expanding on (almost) Celtic Star. 05 x 16 SWG 3/8 inch stainless 45 x 16 SWG 5/16 inch stainless 01 x 16 SWG 1/4 inch stainless 85 x 18 SWG 3/16 inch stainless 01 x 4 inch macrame ring
  5. Layered Conundrum(Helmsheet 2?) bracers blackened and stainless conundrum bands layered the top band is 5 chains wide, the other 4 are three chains wide made by attaching the edge of the next layer to the bottom middle(silver) of the preceding layer allowing a one chain overlap per level 16swg stainless and blackened steel in 3/8in and 1/4in Going to end up a sort of mantle over a vest
  6. Conundrum 1 (Helm Sheet) wrist band or cuff. Made with 16ga 3/8in flat stainless and 16ga 1/4in flat bronze and a few 16ga 1/4in neoprene rings for comfort

    © Robert Carr

  7. ChadoCat

    4 in 1 euro scaled bracer

    A round scale bracer made using TRL SS round scales and SS square 3/8 rings

    © Robert Carr