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  1. Kemo Jewellery

    Wide GSG bracelet

    Thanks for the info on that.
  2. Kemo Jewellery

    Fun with flowers

  3. I only had a chance to take a couple of quick snapshots of this before it was wrenched from my hands and run away with. I believe it became a gift for someone's mother.
  4. Kemo Jewellery

    Dragonscale in 20g stainless steel

    My first ever dragonscale bracelet from 2011
  5. Kemo Jewellery

    Wide GSG bracelet

    This is something I whipped together when asked for "some kind of cuff like bracelet"
  6. Kemo Jewellery

    Half Persian 3-1 with 14g Black Ice rings.

    Sorry that the clasp isn't TRL but I ran out over Christmas and this was requested as a gift.
  7. Kemo Jewellery

    Gold with silver highlights

    Well, gold anodized aluminium with bright aluminium highlights at least.
  8. Kemo Jewellery

    Blue and gold Celtic Vision bracelet

    A special request for my wife's Aunt.
  9. Kemo Jewellery

    Black Ice and Gold - simple, yet elegant

    The rings are 16 gauge 5/16. That's the size I seem to have a lot of my pieces made from.
  10. Kemo Jewellery

    Black Ice and Gold - simple, yet elegant

    Captive inverted round maille necklace.
  11. Kemo Jewellery

    Chain-back bracelet

    What started off as a Dragonback base evolved into something different...
  12. Kemo Jewellery

    Something simple with some sparkle

    A Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Cosmic dangling from a gold anodized aluminium European 3-1 necklace.
  13. Kemo Jewellery

    Double Vision bracelet

    Double Celtic Vision bracelet made from bright aluminium. Looking for a better name