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  1. mrstrucker

    Glass Jump Rings

    The ones that sells them in separate colors though is TRL and Blue Buddah Boutique! Which is what I was looking for! Awesome, thanks Mistress of Minions! Thanks to the rest of you for your links too! I appreciate all the help from this forum!
  2. mrstrucker

    Glass Jump Rings

    Thank you!
  3. mrstrucker

    Glass Jump Rings

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase glass jump rings like the ones pictured below? I'd like to be able to get them in different colors. Does anyone have any idea what size these are? Thanks so much!
  4. mrstrucker

    Just starting out...

    Thank you for your replies. It is much appreciated. To make this easier for ME because I still can't figure out this quote thing, I put the things I want to discuss that you said, in bold print. 1. The Amethyst set is (according to my Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop book) a 2 by 2 chain (I just put an x instead of writing the word 'by'), the Chocolate and Copper Rose Pendant is (according to my Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop book) a 1 by 1 chain and the Gold and Silver Leaf Pendant and the Black Dragon Pendant are (according to my Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop book) a 1 by 2 chain....what ARE they called if not what the book says they are? Is it because I put the 'x' instead of the word 'by'? I just want to get the terminology correct for when I list my items. 2. The anodized rings look great to me but they have some sharp edges that I can feel when rub my fingers over them. I've done my best to make sure the rings are put together as flush as possible and tried to pick off the extra metal on the edges, but don't know what to do about the parts I can't take care of. How do I fix this problem? 3. What do you mean by their driers?
  5. mrstrucker

    Just starting out...

    I just started making chain maille necklaces to use for largesse for our Barony and that got me started making jewelry to add to my already existing online store. The first things I did were the Fuschia Dangle earrings in all three colors (goldtone, silvertone, and two-tone). My first set I completed was a 2x2 weave necklace, bracelet and earrings with Amethyst Swarovski Crystals. I already have two people that are each purchasing these for February birthdays. Then I made a few more earrings and some key chains. The items I have done so far for largesse for our Barony is the Gold & Silver with matching leaf pendant, the Red, Black and Silver Dragon Pendant and the Chocolate & Copper Rose Pendant. My main question is: I made these items not knowing anything about tumbling to deburr and polish. How do I go about deburring and polishing now that the items are already completed? What is the least expensive way for me to do this? Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.