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    I am litterally like 2 minutes away from calling my wife over to see this and see if I can put one on our bed. Keep up the good work, I hope the advice others have given helps you! (Sorry I can't offer more help.) ~Tkls
  2. TKLS

    A Few Good Books

    Oh God where to begin, I will +1 to Dracula wheel of time series sword of truth all named dystopian books (specifically 1984, though I thought his short story animal farm was better) anything by Alexander Dumas phantom of the opera gets a +2, it is so much better in writing I will add, mostly for the sci-fi fantasy lovers Farseer trilogy (well written, nice plot, and thus far the best series Hobb has written. Though Liveship is quite good if you don't mind some flaws in charactor development) Ringworld and its appropriate sequels Frankenstien Almost anything from Charles Dickens (I can not say I recommend bleak house.) There is so much more but I will stop there. Goerge Martin upsets me though, he isn't a bad writer in terms of literacy but the poor guy couldnt write an interesting plot if it killed him (mild pun intended) he cuts his plot devices short using the only plot twist he has up his sleeve; killing off charactors. It's gotten so bad people reconize him and expect from him more of this. The books are so enjoyable and he has such a way with words that if he would just finish a storyarc without killing the charactors before the climax I would be happy. (on that note not all his killings were in poor taste, there have been a few deaths done in such a way that worked smoothly. Just not enough for me to recommend him)
  3. TKLS

    other hobbies

    late to the party but not shy in the answering. In addition to maille I work with seed beads and loomwork, a very little bit of embroidery, leather and other metal crafts, trying to revive my skills in computer graphics and animation, writing (another one I am trying to revive) tabletop rpgs (mostly NWOD) reading, video games and the complecated art of combining all of the above.
  4. TKLS

    How do you store your rings and things?

    Well at home I use plastic labeled tubs for all my beads findings and rings. My scalemaille equipment has yet to leave plastic bags. For portable if I just have a small project I put them in ziplocks and slide them into my cargo pocket, I have a cell phone pocket that holds my pliers between my legs and the rings so its pretty comfortable. For actual "portable" purposes I use really small plastic tubs and I stack them a .50 cal ammo can, it's manly, its secure, it has a carrying handle. I do have a slight issue if I am working out of the can because the lid likes to close but I can open the can and pull out what I want. it's large enough to carry almost any tool and supplies I want yet light enough to make it worth having. Its a plus when you get snide remarks for carrying an ammo can in public and then more remarks about how "wierd" it is to make chainmaille. People these days.
  5. TKLS

    IMG 6022WM

    One question on this very awesome piece of work. On the sleeves do they wrap all the way around? (either with the rings or the scales) The look like they just drape and I'm curious how they stay attached to the arm. Otherwise this is very inspirational work. Great job ^^ edit: nevermind I saw the zoomed version and noticed the rings
  6. Polycarb scales? any word on what size those will be? excellent news on the welder too, this is one of the most exciting updates ever.
  7. Hello, as many probably forgot I came a few months (or so) with some questions concerning niobium. So for my first update the whole concept got nixed when my wire wrap prototype kept catching my fiance's hair at work until she eventually ripped it off. (I know I know it was small gauge copper, ripping it off and to pieces isn't a hulk-tastic feat) then to update I decided to do a simple helm chain design out of silver mixed with the bridesmaids birthstones. That also got nixed when the chain was viewed as "ogre" compared to the dresses (which I don't quite understand, yes my example was a little thick but not overpowering) and they forced me to consider a 1-1 chain with the birthstones. I will show pictures (probably later today) to give example to the brides necklace and earrings (and again in about 2 months with the final product with the real materials) else I wanted to ask your guy's opinions, should I settle with the 1-1 chain or try a real dainty silver byz or box chain, I pondered using 1 inch of 1-1 add a gem, then have a few caged gems dangling (the "caged" are going to be wire wrapped and handmade, I have a picture from a book if you needed an example) There is a third option most of you may not vote for but could suggest after seeing the brides jewelry. you see, her jewelry will only have a metal clasp but other then that be entirely beadwork. (using glass and pearls for that traditional look) would it be a bad idea to get rid of all metal/chains and do beadwork for the bridesmaids too? I think only 1 expected silver jewelry. As I conclude the reason I ask is more or less to try and become more active on the forum. You gents and gals have helped before, inspired me before and gave me the chance to throw some opinions to help others as you've helped me. So in a round about way I know if even on the level of interest some of the members here are interested in the work of those they inspire. To throw another tidbit update in I am still working on that small scale tutorial but work and wedding planning has slowed the process and the final outcome is no longer a shin piece (women have strange ways of manipulating a man ) it will be a tutorial that works on small scales and leather as I am now working on an mp3 case. (I refuse to pay $30 for a cheap stretchy fabric armband when I can pay about the same maybe a bit more to make a leather and metal version that's totally badass) Hope to see you guys around, love the site updates, have a nice day and thanks for your time. ~TKLS
  8. TKLS

    Work hardening anadized niobium

    This quote here is probably the most disturbing.. since it implies that merely making the piece is risky unless I anodize after wards (which I've no time or money to finish project in time with) Though before I give up in dismay and lose hope in the matter (cause that'd be stupid) I will look for other alternatives and sample without hammering (to see if i can make it without rubbing off the coating..) Also Jon thanks for mentioning the machine I will now have to research that roll mill, making a curved wire straight by hand is just too time consuming and imperfect (that which is crooked cannot be made straight as they say) Thank you all for your information and assistance, I must go back to plotting on the drawing board ~Anthony
  9. Hello, first I'd like to say I shot out a few searches to answer this on my own. I learned a lot about niobium but not what I needed. (long description ahead, skip to third paragraph for the actual question) You see, I am getting married and as any mailler might suspect that means I jumped all over making all the jewelry except the actual wedding bands. Including matching necklaces for both mothers. Well, naturally using just precious metals would kill me in price. (9 necklaces I think) and I don't anticipate enough sales to counter the cost. So naturally I am planning on mixing silver with another metal. Niobium is said to look good next to silver, I've heard good and bad things on the metal but for this piece it'd be nice. It wont be in a weave but rather an intricate wire work piece so I am using the wire instead of the rings (mixed with beads of wedding color. this will allow me to reduce the metal density and thus cost without sacrificing beauty or elegance. Yes I use a similar method in selling since it allows cheaper prices and higher profits) This is where my issue comes in Anodized materials, specifically aluminum, have harmed me in the past on final pieces with spots from my pliers (problem for another day) and for this piece I will be work hardening by hitting the finished segments with a hammer on a steel jewelry anvil. Will this inevitably damage the anodized coat? or is there methods I can use to reduce the risk of damaging it? (wrapping the piece in cloth to keep metal from hitting metal) As always thanks well in advanced. It's always nice to have an active forum of seasoned addicts like me to help guide my hand as I expand my knowledge. (As I try to relay my learned knowledge to others also) ~Anthony
  10. TKLS

    Scale Tutorial

    You are the author of that great tutorial? The answer to my question was by THE author of the most looked at tutorial I have gotten my hands on? Though I did notice in another topic that you are trying to get a collaborated tutorial to get even more out there. the thing that confused me at first when I initially open the box to behold the scales, split rings and pliers was "Now, how do I use this?" that took about an hour to get the hang of and now that my piece is 4x4" the small scales (assuming you still haven't play'd with them)are getting a little picky on how they are installed. so if looking for input, great tutorial, I'd say if you used split rings to perhaps go into some of the more mundane details many take for granted, (and off topic if your still looking for that collaborated tutorial I can perhaps help by putting my trial and error process on picture and paper to add small scale and split ring tutorial)
  11. TKLS

    Lunar Rovers with Chainmail Tires

    I read this in awe, chainmaille in space? my life is complete with this picture
  12. TKLS

    Combined design questions

    Thanks, Paladin, you've even answered questions before I asked (and in some cases saved me some research) I had already planned to line the whole thing in leather after my aforementioned girlfriend pointed out how they hanged and what they'd do. Plus I also noticed how quickly my scales are oxidizing and, as contradicting as it sounds, I don't feel like cleaning the black smears off my leg every time I wish to strut around in public with a little extra bling.
  13. TKLS

    Combined design questions

    Excellent, thanks for the hasty replies, I am content with the answers as I hope my girlfriend is as well. (I'll begin just as soon as she believes it wont pose any additional risks.. this assurance will be a big help) now I play the waiting game on the meat of the topic, scales (which I've noticed the forum seems to be filled with lately, you guys made scales very popular rather quickly. I even saw a topic on using pop tabs, I've been saving them for years when someone first asked the possibility).
  14. TKLS

    Combined design questions

    Before I begin I would like to thank you all for even being here, Not very active but I lurk here a lot for information. TRL is amazing, And you the community make it more then a place to buy supplies. These collected questions will further prove this. I am now the proud owner of scales and have been playing with them. I have studied every tutorial I can get my hands on but focused mostly on the vest tutorial listed on the scale page. Now, my objective (figuring only 1 square foot) was to make a shinguard, simply because I can. (laced in back with leather.) to improve comfort I was going to start above the calf muscle, which is slightly smaller then the largest measurement. According to the tutorial expansions are not recommended, using this could I start with the largest and build "up" instead of "down"? has anyone tested contractions going "up"? after staring at the contraction picture for a long time and compared it to the expansion I noticed the overall structure was different. is that how it naturally lays (the expansion I mean) or has anyone successfully made an expansion going "down"? That should do for scale questions. Other designs that came to mind that were thrown out was a scale head rest for a car.. It'd look awesome but my girlfriend said no for potential danger in case of accident. If someone else wishes to make this be my guest I want to see it. but another question came since I wanted to make a steering wheel cover out of chainmaille. the design I'll spoil for you is e4-1 with a few ribs of hp3-1 mixed in. using rubber rings to stretch it to fit. I may be uneducated in saying it hasn't been done, if so that'd look cool too and I'd like to see it. Now the questions my girlfriend has which I couldn't answer myself is how safe would a steering wheel cover be? we are talking only the outside. not covering the airbag case. she is concerned if there is an accident that someone who hits head on steering wheel would receive more damage, or that a stray ring would puncture the airbag as it is deploying making it useless in an accident. Is this true? before anyone asks "wouldn't that get hot/cold in summer/winter" I usually wear driving gloves and I'll make it out of aluminum which in my experience changes temperature quickly. Pics to be shown as they become available. thanks in advance and such. Criticism, harsh or constructive, allowed but not recommended. (such as 'this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard' no, the stupidest thing you've ever heard is 'chainmaille is bulletproof, watch!') ~TKLS
  15. TKLS

    selling chainmail

    This is the first time I heard the argument that low prices damage other maillers but it does make sense. when a customer doesn't understand the process the price might speak miles to them. I guess I never realized it since I buy a lot of handcrafted items simply to support their craft. Alas I am one of the (potentially converted) maillers who sell at cheap cost. for those curious my equation is <material X 2> + <complexity/design> = price. since I multitask I can;t keep an honest track of time, though by that standard a euro 4-1 bracelet aluminum would probably sell at about $10 if that. since my motivation of selling is simply to keep my obsession well fed I decided to compete with machine made jewelry. which works well in that sense. this new information; however, might cause me to change how I sell online. (to my knowledge no local maillers so I feel free to price to my hearts desire) wish I could maille at work xD you lucky bugger you.