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    Rubber Rings

    I am wondering when the EPDM-1614-YELLOW may be in stock again. Thanks!
  2. JFinch

    Elf sheet bracelet

  3. JFinch

    Elf sheet bracelet

    This is really cool. I can make the elfweave with EPDM, but how did you do elfsheet like that?
  4. JFinch

    Jens Pind Linkage Help.

    I've made many Half Persian 3 in 1 bracelets and a few byzantines and sold them. I want to make a sterling silver JPL but I know that JPL is very AR specific. I want to use smaller rings, probably 20G so It will look a little more like something you would get at a jewelry place. But I don't know the exact size I can get so that it won't be too tight or too loose. I would also want to know about how many rings it would take according to the size for it to fit an average wrist and how many rings come in an ounce. Also, not knowing very much about sterling silver, I don't know how much I should price it. Any Help would be appreciated, thanks!