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  1. ShiningMistress

    Questions from a Beginner

    So far, I have become familiar with byzantine, helm, box, and barrel weaves. What weave would you suggest I master next? I am currently working with 18g 3/16" rings for the majority of my projects, and buying small amounts of other sizes as needed. I have a couple things lined up for the selling of my projects, but have a hard time deciding what to put in stock.. it seems to be a learning process.
  2. ShiningMistress

    Questions from a Beginner

    I've been working on mastering maille for about a year now, but I feel like I have holes in my knowledge. (I am self taught) What are the basic/intermediate weaves every artist should know? What ring sizes should I keep in stock?
  3. ShiningMistress

    Looking for Display Advice

    A mirror wouldn't have even crossed my mind, thank you losthelm! Your display is great, calisandra! It gave me a few ideas about how to show my pieces.
  4. ShiningMistress

    Looking for Display Advice

    I have my first show coming up in September, so I am busy making enough jewelry and other odds and ends to sell, and I've come up with two questions. What sells best? Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, something totally different? How do you display your work? If anyone would be willing to share photos of their displays, it would be very much appreciated. Any other hints and tips would be extremely helpful!
  5. ShiningMistress

    Chainmaille Newbie, looking for suggestions

    Thanks much for the suggestions, I'll pick up a few more different sizes, and try to find my niche in the chainmailling community. I'll definatelly check out the M.A.I.L. website, sounds like just what I need!
  6. I've recently become quite interested in making chainmaille jewelry after receiving some basic supplies for Christmas. In the last month, I have mastered a few simple weaves such as the byzantine, box, shaggy loops, and barrel. I have since run out of weaves to attempt, because I'm working with one size of rings.. The rings I have now are anodized aluminum 18ga 3/16 ID. So, my question is this. What ring sizes do everyone keep on hand? I have no idea where to start to expand this hobby into something I can truly enjoy every aspect of. Any and all hints and tips are greatly appreciated!