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    Music, radio, reading, making jewelry(maille and hemp), Harry Potter, Divergent(book), Hanson, Disney movies, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic(don't judge)
  1. Finally updated the pics on my storefront! They look so much better now!

  2. Moni_G

    I know this has probably been done....

    Pictures finally posted! It's amazing how much better they look. The box was a bit tricky to figure out. I've adjusted the pricing and added a materials description to the listing. I'm still needing to look at the Word Press for business app, so the blog site hasn't changed yet.
  3. Moni_G

    I know this has probably been done....

    I know I haven't posted for a while, but I do appreciate the comments and suggestions. I've been busy for awhile lately. I plan on taking and posting new pictures by the end of the weekend. My sister has a light box that she is going to let me borrow. The prices will be finalized while I'm adding the new pictures, it's all the same page and that seems like an easy 2 birds 1 stone kind of thing. I've created a header and am going to create a business card this weekend as well. My latest concern is my blog. I'm using Word Press and have not had visitors since Feb. I've downloaded a Using WordPress for Business app and plan on watching the videos on it, using whatever tips and suggestions I might be able to get. My concern is, what if this doesn't help? I would like to know what blog sites some of you use. My younger sister just started using Blogger a week or two ago and has over 90 views. What sites could you recommend and what do you do to drive visitors to your site? Do you blog just about your projects or do you include other topics? If you blog about other things, how far off the topic of business and crafting do you go?
  4. Moni_G

    I know this has probably been done....

    I've adjusted the prices. Although, I'm still not entirely sure of myself at this point.
  5. Moni_G

    I know this has probably been done....

    Thanks! The pricing is my main concern. I figured that I could use to raise the price some. I have a blog running on Wordpress, but I'm not getting many visitors to it. I'm wondering if I should pick another site to use. My younger sister set one up on Blogger and got 13 views right off the bat. As for the pictures, it's what I could manage at the time. Some better shots wouldn't hurt. As for the store name, it's part reference to what I'm doing and that I'm the 3rd of 9 children. The other titles I came up with weren't as good to be honest. I do plan to sell at shows and fairs and have been considering business cards for awhile.
  6. about a million times over. But I need some help. I set up over at Storenvy (tatof3.storenvy.com) and the stats show that I'm getting plenty of visitors. 14 a week is the lowest number I've had several weeks and the number of total page views a week hovers between 20 and 30. I consider this good for me because I just passed my 1st year anniversary. However, I'm not getting any sales. I'm pretty sure that part of it is pricing. My formula is simple (I'm not good with math, so simpler is better): total cost of materials plus time in hours times wage. Or M(t*W)= price. At first I price my wage per hour at 10 due to some posts I read here. My sister suggested that this might be too high considering that the shop was new and I needed to attract customers. I took her advice to change the wage to 5. However, It feels that that maybe too low. I was wondering what your advice would be. Please take a look at the shop. I'm willing to overlook this weeks stats. Please keep in mind that I make more than chain mail. My wares also include wire work and hemp macrame.
  7. Moni_G

    A 'taxing' question...

    Thanks for information, everyone. I'm trying to find hobby business information for the state, however, the only thing that comes up is hobby farming. Go figure. I've been keeping track of expenses, and was planning on tracking all sales as they happened. I've even set up an Excel sheet for it. I may consider e-mailing one of the business professors at the collage for help.
  8. Moni_G

    Type of Clasp

    Maybe a slide tube? They come in either 2, 3, or 4 loop(common lengths anyway). I guess it really depends on the weave you used.
  9. Moni_G

    A 'taxing' question...

    Thanks! I've looked through our site before, but couldn't find it and got confused to boot. Also, thanks for the tip about contacting the Secretary of State. I didn't know which official would be able to help. It's been a few years since my last government class.
  10. Moni_G

    A 'taxing' question...

    I live in Tennessee. One of the main questions I have is how to consider sales tax. I'm also wondering about what other legal things I may need to consider, like maybe registering the name other paper work may need to be filed. If anyone has any information, that would be great. Thanks!
  11. Moni_G

    other hobbies

    I'm new here(and to mailling) and I figure this is a good way to introduce myself. I'm big into music and radio. I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of Audition 3 to play with. I also make hemp jewelry, which I got into when I was 13(now in my 20's). Huge reader, moderate gamer. I mainly enjoy platformers, rhythm, and rpgs. I can't play fps to save my butt. And I enjoy Disney a little too much. But not to the point of obsession. I'm hoping to eventually go to the Tennessee ren fair at some point, and maybe as a vendor. I'd also like to learn to make my own beads, and get fit enough to start doing triathlons. One major project I'd like to take on is to eventually make a set of chainmaille armor, just to prove to myself that I can.
  12. Moni_G

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    I looked at Storenvy. I see where it is free. I'm a little skeptical of the 'free.' Do you pay for the custom domain, and/or do you think it is worth it? I'm planning on opening an online store and was originally looking at Etsy, but the amount of people 'selling' kind of has me put off. Thanks.