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  1. Yogi

    other hobbies

    I'm a big fan of going out to the range when I can. It's quite relaxing, as a side hobby I'll reload ammo which ends up being more fun than shooting somedays.
  2. Great. Thank you much for the replies, that was exactly what I was wanting to know. Bummer too, looks nice when just sitting in a pile of rings.
  3. I was wondering, I just got a small order of 22ga 3/32" rings in Nickel Silver. It seems to me the metal has a bit of an image problem. I'm not saying it compares to the precious metals but as a cheap alternative to others it seems like a pretty ring to me. For example I want to do another DS bracelet but with Silver as the large ring and was planning anodized niobium for the smaller ring. But since I can't find saw cut 22g niobium I ordered the Nickel Silver to try out and I think it has a very nice tone to it. Is there something I am missing? Just was thinking is all.
  4. Yogi

    Discovered the joy of heat coloring! :D

    Sadly the color did fade back to stainless after a week of wearing.
  5. Yogi

    Discovered the joy of heat coloring! :D

    Yeah it just seems so much easier to work when all the rings are right in front of me. I don't know how many times having the actual AR on the bins has come in handy. Now I just need another organizer for the exotic rings.
  6. Yogi

    How do you store your supplies?

    I keep my rings in an organizer that has a little recess in the top where I generally have any current projects and pliars waiting for me Pics are in this thread http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v23/Berserk256/P1010101.jpg
  7. This may be another basic for most people but I just discovered how cool heat coloring stainless is. I placed the rings on an old dry brick and put the heat gun on it's highest setting (1350 degrees) and just kept moving. Probably took about five minutes I'd say. These pictures show the same rings from the same batch from TRL. And a few pictures of my new organizer setup just cause I'm thrilled with how it's working.
  8. I have a vibratory tumbler and am trying to put a polish on stainless steel trl rings. i have tries crushed walnut overnight but it isnt doing it. What media should i use? would craft sand be a bad thing to try?
  9. Yogi

    Anodized Niobium batch for sale, bargain

    Oh wow that is absolutely gorgeous! Sadly not the size I am in the market for, but I had to comment. I'm drooling here.
  10. Yogi

    Made a lego tumbler.

    Figured since I did the Lego version, I should post the Knex version I made years ago. Found it today and figured I'd take it for a spin. (ha, yes pun intended) Don't know what the audio blurp is... all shot with my phone so who knows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYcvMIyJcF4
  11. Yogi

    Anodized Aluminum Rings???

    Anodizing aluminum builds a porous oxide layer on the surface. You dye the pieces then seal the pores and the color in. It's not like the Niobium or Titanium process.
  12. Yogi

    Made a lego tumbler.

    Hence the babying of the servos. Take away a few of the components and yes I'd be content using this frame/concept as a tumbler. As is.. would be cheaper to buy a retail one then burn out some of these parts. Never outgrew Lego, even in my adult life I have fun making things with them. The Mindstorms/NXT lines are quite versitle toys!
  13. Yogi

    Made a lego tumbler.

    Thanks Only issue is I wouldn't want to run the servos for as long as would be needed to be effective. Although I may just try it out if I can find a spare motor around the house and adapt it to power this little guy.
  14. Yogi

    Made a lego tumbler.

    Got a bit bored this morning so figured I'd just make a play tumber out of lego. No intention of really using it as such, was more of a whim.