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    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I made myself a stainless Dragonscale bracelet a few years ago, and stupidly did not record the ring sizes. But I have (cheap, crappy) calipers and a stash of leftover rings, so . . . I used saw-cut stainless steel in 20g (AWG) 3/16" (AR = 6.2) and 20g (AWG) 1/8" (AR = 4) from TRL, which reflects Dragonscale's single-wire-size AR combo of 4 and 6. My bracelet is very flexible, almost mesh-like, yet totally stable, and it's much more durable than you'd think for such small rings. I wear it a lot and am not careful with it. IMO, this is a perfect ring combination for this use. Interestingly, I have a second bag of stainless rings marked as 20g 1/8" that I believe is from a different supplier. These rings are slightly but noticeably bigger than TRL's of the same nominal size and I had labelled them as having an AR of 4.3. Note to newbies: keep track of not just nominal ring sizes but also actual measurements and who you got them from. Label both your stash of rings and your weave samples with all of the data!
  2. K'Z'K

    Using Tiny Scales

    I made a tiny owl (using Jodey's instructions) the other day. Gotta get pictures once I finish the second one. It's about 3/4" tall. Ring sizes (as labelled): small rings 20g 7/64"; large rings 20g 1/8", extra large rings 19g 5/32" My first attempt was all BA and AA, but the body pieces made of large rings were too tight--either I screwed up the weave, they were a tad too small, or both. I tried again with stainless in the same nominal size (20g, 1/8") but that looked a bit bigger AR-wise (didn't bother measuring exactly), and it worked. 20g 9/64" BA would probably work as well. I did use AA for the eyes and such. Other than that, just some shaggy scale earrings. Pretty, but not exciting from a weaving standpoint.
  3. K'Z'K

    Dull Rubber

    Blue Buddha's Dan Rychtarik made a video about cleaning rubber rings--he uses Tire Shine.
  4. K'Z'K

    Business logo inlay - scales or rings?

    I'm no expert, but I'm on my second E4-1 inlay (first was a small TARDIS, this is a bigger South African flag). For both, I used Microsoft Paint (included with Windows) to make the picture the size and number of colors I wanted. You can import any picture and tell it to scale down to any size you want, then zoom in enough to edit pixel-by-pixel. I've found that it can help to fill in areas with a different color to make sure you don't really have half a dozen similar shades of blue--make all your blues pink or something, then back to blue with the paint bucket tool. Make sure to replace white with something else (like a light grey), since IGP doesn't read white as a color and you'll get a mess. I tried playing with GIMP, but couldn't really figure it out. Paint is much easier for me, and does a good job. To get the ring count in IGP, click on "count colors." You can double-click each line to change it from the RGB saturation to something easier, like "blue." Then "save as text" to get the row-by row ring count. That's what I've been using for my pattern, though you can also save the patterned picture and work from that.
  5. K'Z'K

    Border for J4-1 inlay?

    Hi! Obviously I'm new here. Just picked up mailling a couple weeks ago. And of course I'm hooked. I just finished an inlay made of Japanese 4-in-1, all rings being 0.048" width square wire 5/32" ID rings. As you may guess, it's a really loose, open weave, and very floppy. So it needs a border that will keep it more in shape. Any recommendations for a (fairly easy) weave that would do the trick? And if so, what size rings should i use? Thanks!