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  1. webpixie

    Red and Black

    another odd design that came about as a way to showcase the unique beads and the small tile i used as a pendent. The beads and tile both have gold specks and swirls mixed in with the red, sadly it doesn't show off well in this photo(and I o longer have this piece). i really kicked myself when i realized later that the pendent wasn't in focus, thats what I get for doing batch settings to take allot of photos.

    © Emily McElroy - webpixies.com

  2. webpixie

    Simple Pendent

    simple design I came up with when I was wanting something to showcase the stone bead.

    © Emily McElroy - webpixies.com

  3. webpixie

    Mermaid Tail

    random chainmaille pendent i made after following a tutorial for the main square section. rings are all stainless steel but the scales are aluminum, don't remember the sizes.

    © Emily McElroy - webpixies.com

  4. was so happy when i saw TRL selling these 4in rings. all the ones in my local craft stores are always brass. so i made sure to finally order me some on my last large supply order, yay. this is my first one, ill be working on more probably in a similar style.

    © Emily McElroy - webpixies.com

  5. webpixie

    BJD Armor/Clothing

    OK this is actually a commission for someone with a doll a little larger then mine so my boy here cant wear it like its originally meant to be. this is actually a loincloth. Go here to view worn as a loincloth. uses BA 18ga 3/16 rings and small aluminum scales. roughly 1020 rings doll is 60cm or roughly 24in tall and made by bobobie. ...the wrap around his waist is a scrap/strip of the welded fabric by TRL.

    © Emily McElroy

  6. webpixie

    6 in 1 belt

    just a simple belt since its my first one. 5 rows of 6 in 1 euro. i belive i used stainless steel 18ga 1/4 rings (need to double check the size) currently at 42in and uses 25rings per inch if i remember right..

    © Emily McElroy

  7. webpixie

    Round Tag Necklace

    just playing round with the mirror finish metal tags, they look great in person but are a pain in the butt to take a photo of without weird reflections.. of course the fact that my walls are painted red and I'm not using a light tent isn't helping, hehe.

    © Emily McElroy

  8. webpixie

    Photo quality

    hmm just saw this thread.. i would like to point out that if anyone wants a simple free program for basic resizing, cropping and allover editing such as brightness, contrast, color correction i highly suggest Irfanview its actually the program i use as default to view photos and basic edits without needing to open photoshop or bridge. the brightness/contrast/color correction is all found in the same window image >color corrections.. i also use it to resize photos and throw on a simple non-fancy watermark/URL for quick uploading, that can be found under Edit> show paint dialog everything else ifs pretty easy to find and understand..
  9. i need some help on figuring out which metal/color to order, i need a green 20g 1/8 and EC dark green is sold out.. so which is a darker shade of green, EC green or AA green?
  10. webpixie

    Copper VooDoo Doll

    well obviously this little guy takes practically no skill to make. they are very fun to whip up however. Ive also used these for keychains and whatnot. This photo was of one of the first of my little army back in '08

    © © Emily McElroy 2008

  11. webpixie

    Looking for some selling advice

    other photo tips make sure your camera is set to a low ISO(also a relatively low aperture/F-stop if your camera lets you adjust it) and have your camera on a tripod, use the timer mode thats made for self portraits so that you don't move the camera while pressing the button. also make sure your using a macro setting and that your camera is white balanced correctly(read your manual if you don't know how). usually you can use auto setting at this point. if your colors are wrong theres nothing wrong with editing them in photoshop to make them look right afterwords. if none of that is working you CAN resort to a flash just make sure your at least 5feet away and zoomed in.. otherwise the flash is just way too harsh ETA: if you are having to resort to outdoor photos and the sun is too harsh take 2 chairs and a thin white sheet outside with you. make yourself a little tent/fort and get inside, whala! instant giant light tent, haha! and you get to pretend to be a kid again ~_^
  12. doll shoulder armour made using roughly 150 each of 1638 bright aluminum and 18316 rubber rings. dragon scale weave. i actually got the idea for this when i was about 1/4th of the way making a wide continuous cuff in the same pattern with these rings..(sadly i forgot to take a photo of it before it sold) the necklace he is wearing is actually a Byzantine chain made with brass 22564 rings.. heh still need to get a closeup shot of it.. Doll is a 60cm BJD by bobobie. He has a Demon Charisma head on a boy body.

    © © Emily McElroy 2010

  13. webpixie


    you could also always cut a piece of scrap fabric to replicate the design your going todo and then take measurements from that.. then you also have a 'pattern' to work with..
  14. webpixie

    How much maille do you bring to shows?

    its really only the larger magnets you would have to be worried about, and if you put it in a ball of clay that would already cut down on allot of the power as is.. you really don't have anything to worry about with the small ones. and people with things in their bodies that can be affected by magnets should already know the risk and be cautious of them anyways.. thats more a general thing then having todo with that particular type of magnet.
  15. webpixie

    How much maille do you bring to shows?

    neodymium magnets are the best bet, i would use e6000 or a type of 2part epoxy glue to hold them on(making sure to let them cure and not just dry before using them). technically with these magnets you could also put them in a ball of polymer/airdry clay and glue the flower to that as well, since they are strong enough to work though it.