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  1. talon420

    [Question] Resistance Ring Welder

    I believe the pictured welder is a newer, upgraded model than what is in the video. (I have the exact one from the video.) This new model has an electronic control for more precise welds, and this allows for a wider range of usable sizes of wire. (for example, 20ga is the smallest I can weld on mine, but this new unit claims to go as fine as 28 ga) Otherwise, they look to be the same machine.
  2. talon420

    pop tabs for sale

    OK. I've counted the tabs I have by weight, and my count is 17,500 pop tabs (that's a little over 5 kg!) I went conservative on the count, so there's likely a bit more than that. About 80% plain silver, 20% colored, with green and blue dominant. I'm asking $150 for the lot, plus shipping to wherever the buyer is. I'm in BC, Canada. If I get an address, I can get an online quote for the shipping, but I'd wager it will be around $15-20. Fastest way to get ahold of me is by email: talon420@telus.net, or here every few days. Thanks everyone! Talon
  3. talon420

    pop tabs for sale

    I have a fairly large supply of pop tabs that I'm looking to sell off, but I really don't know what kind of value they have. Anyone have a guideline of their value? (either by volume, count, or by weight) Thanks! and I'll post the lot once I can guess a price that's reasonable Talon
  4. talon420

    Ring quality issue

    I've seen the same thing on my SS 20 ga, 1/8", though in my case, the % of damage is only about 10%. Having cut my own rings on occasion, I found that some rings, once cut, don't fall away from the blade quite right, and the coil continues to push the loose ring against the blade, thus cutting the inside edge . If I'm cutting large rings, I can pause and pull out the offender, but small rings, you often don't notice in time, and its just easier to accept the loss and keep going. I have no idea if my simple home made setup would mirror the production lines of TRL, but the damaged rings look essentially the same.
  5. talon420

    New RIng Welder

    I'm assuming you're using the resistance welder. (Which I have been using for almost 2 years now) Titanium welds are tricky at best. Ideally, you should be using argon gas shielding to prevent oxidation of the titanium, otherwise, the welds are often very brittle, despite how they look. With 16ga Stainless Steel at least, I've found that its better to do 2 short bursts of the welder, rather than one long one. I haven't tried welding heavy titanium, so I'm not sure of this would apply Technique is also critical to getting the weld to take. You need to apply slight pressure on the ring as it welds, as this forces the soft, hot metal to fuse together. And don't move the ring until it has cooled (that is, no glowing red metal) The spacing of the electrodes is also quite important. You don't want them too far apart. Also, I've found there is a difference from a 'cold' unit vs. as warmed up one. The first few welds are often weaker when you first start up for the day. But once you have a dozen or so done, the unit seems to work better. I assume this is simply due to the copper electrodes getting hot and allowing the electric current to flow better, but that's a complete guess, I'm no metallurgist! I just know that after a dozen welds, the setting I use for a certain gauge works better than it did at the start. Those are the tips I can give from my experience with it. I love my welder, and have used it on steel for many projects. Titanium is harder, though not impossible, to weld effectively Cheers! Talon
  6. talon420

    quality of goldfilled rings

    Hi Lingvarion! I've done a fair amount of gold fill jewellery. There's never been a problem with the gold rubbing off. Unlike gold plated, which is literally microns thick, the gold fill is a thick layer of gold, and will not rub off or wear away. As for damage, the interior metal for gold fill is a strong brass, if my memory serves, and it holds up very well to wear and tear. Like all things, it has its limits, but if it breaks, its not due to weak materials, its due to rough handling or getting snagged. Personally, I've never had an issue with gold fill wearing out or breaking under normal use, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants gold without the extreme cost of solid gold. Hope that helps. Cheers! Talon
  7. talon420

    is saw cut worth it?

    Absolutely worth it! I don't make any jewelry from machine cut. The slight divot from the cutting does make a difference in the feel of the piece. Even the look is much better with machine cut. So yes, I'd go with saw cut if you plan on doing shows and exhibiting your work. My 2 rings anyway! Cheers! Talon
  8. talon420

    Riveted silver?

    I have never tried riveting silver, but I would suspect that the material would be too soft to take the abuse of being riveted, and 20 ga is pretty fine material to do riveting, even in steel. The first question that comes to my mind is why? what reason or purpose is there to riveting silver in the first place? If you do ive it a whirl, please remember to post pics and the results! Cheers! Talon
  9. talon420

    Double Project

    I've made a number of armor shirts and vests. My preferred sizes are 16 ga 1/4" or 18ga 3/16", but i've even gone as far as 12 ga 1/2" (never again! too much hand strain!) My first question for those that want armor grade: What do you plan on doing with it? If you want to take a live weapon strike, of any sort, Konstantin the Red has it right: you weld (my preference) or rivet (more authentic), plus wear a heavy gambeson for padding. Even then, be warned, chain maille is NOT guaranteed weapon proof! Soldiers died wearing maille all the time. On the other hand, if you want a piece that you can proudly don and show friends what a medieval soldier would have worn, butted links work fine, in the same size of links. Personally I hate riveting due to the time it takes, while welding gives close to the same strength for literally 1/100th the time. Its just not period accurate to weld of course! Welcome to the addiction. My first shirt took about 2 months to make and fit. Cheers!! Talon
  10. talon420

    Poi chains

    I have done a number of byzantine fire poi chains for a local group. I've used SS 16ga 1/4" welded and we have never had a problem with the chains breaking in several years of regular use. If you're interested in steel, I would certainly do a set for you. Let me know if you want a quote for steel. Cheers! Talon
  11. talon420

    KIT-BJ-SS Kit - Smallest rings (20 ga?)

    You are correct. The smallest rings in the kit is 20ga 1/8" SS. (and yeah, its deceiving how many rings are needed when you have those smaller rings) The only missing information on the site is whether the rings are saw cut or machine cut. (which does make a difference if you start mixing them) They used to be machine cut in those kits, but I remember a thread about TRL looking into changing them to saw cut. I have no idea if that was ever made into reality though, and the site doesn't specify that I can see. You might need to talk to a TRL member to be sure of that point. Cheers and happy weaving! Talon
  12. talon420

    Substituting ring sizes

    18ga 1/4" and 18ga 5/32" are very close. Both of these sizes are a little bigger than your listed size, so they won't lower the AR. I'm not sure about the specs for your weave, so I can't say for certain these would work, but a little looser in AR isn't usually a problem. Hope that helps. If not, use the specs in TRL's ring pages, as they list everything in inches and mm for comparison. Cheers! Talon
  13. talon420

    Dragon scale ring size

    Yeah, I'm aware of the apparent problem. As a quick test, I can put 4 large rings through the smaller ring. However, the ring sizes I'm using are well ABOVE the minimums for this weave, yet they are still tight. I was trying to determine if DS is normally a very stiff, tight weave. If others have done this weave and had no problems, then I would conclude I'm going about the weave incorrectly and will try to find new ways, but if it truly is a rigid, stiff weave, then theres nothing wrong and I'll continue with the project and make do.
  14. talon420

    Dragon scale ring size

    I'm making some dragonscale (at least attempting to), using 18ga 1/4" and 20 ga 9/64". These yield an AR above the ideal rating for DS, and well above the minimum. Despite this, the weave is too tight. I can only just force the rings into place, and even then, there is no progression from row to row. That is, the weave doesn't hang in a sheet, it just wants to stack up, almost like piling rows of helm chain on top of one another. I'm quite sure I've got the weave itself correctly woven, I'm using maille artisans tutorial to compare to. Everything is correct, yet the weave is just too tight and dense. I realize the easy solution is simply to use larger rings, but I'm curious if weaving DS with the 'ideal' sized AR rings is normally very tight. I can't imagine the weave working with anything tighter than what I\m using! Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experience! Cheers! Talon
  15. talon420

    New to maille

    14ga 5/16" makes a nice euro 4-1 for armor. A lot depends on what you're planning to make. Give a project idea, and you'll have plenty of help picking rings, sizes, and materials for it. In simple terms, you want to understand Aspect Ratio (AR for short). or the diameter of the ring in relation to the thickness of the wire. Simply put, the lower the AR, the smaller the inner hole is compared to the wire thickness. This is important to understand because each weave has its own minimum AR. Euro 4-1 is pretty forgiving, it can go as low as AR:3, or be as high as 6 and still look pretty good. Welcome to the addiction Cheers! Talon